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Posted by Stephanie on June 18, 2018

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SaraG: Ok, Hongseok…it’s gonna be slow tonight as I’m a bit tipsy and also playing a game on my husband’s VR. BUUUT, Hongseok is 24 and the most physically fit Penta member.

He’s got darker skin than everyone else and pouty lips.

Stephanie: How many times have I seen that Shine video? He’s still like a surprise when I try to learn him.

SaraG: Hahahahaha. He was a YG trainee. And he failed to make it into iKon…thank god…it was not a good fit for him. Though some of the iKon members love him.

SaraG: He lived abroad in China, Singapore, and the US for a total of 11 years. He completed the pentagraph in 9 weeks…he struggled with dance when he was with YG but has picked it up beautifully now.

SaraG: He usually has like a honey colored hair…something in the brown family…but sometimes it gets more interesting.

Stephanie: Completed the pentagraph?

SaraG: Yes the pentagraph is the five skills the penta members needed to pass on Pentagon Maker.

SaraG: He’s around 5’11”….so on the taller side. He speaks Korean, Chinese, and English and his hobby is learning languages.

SaraG: He looked great in the gray/blue hair.

SaraG: He’s the mom of the group and is a great cook. He and E’dawn share a room.

SaraG: He’s got a beautiful voice (as does all of Penta)

SaraG: He was really traumatized after Mix and Match (the iKon show) so he was super closed off during Pentagon Maker…it took him awhile to open up and it still surprises me when he’s outgoing… It’s like he finally got comfortable.

Stephanie: I can’t wait to watch that show.

SaraG: It’s rough. I’ve only seen a few episodes. It seriously makes my heart break when I think about Hongseok there.

Stephanie: So many PTSD members.


SaraG: He firmly believes that his best asset are his abs.

Stephanie: Mmmmm

SaraG: And though they are perfection, he’s crazy. He’s suuuuper sweet. That’s his best asset. He cares soooooo much and tries so hard. He’s super earnest.

SaraG: He’s right though, his abs are nice.

SaraG: I’m trying to give you lots of him moving and talking because he is often the one that fades into the background…people don’t learn him as quickly…and I think it’s the trauma.


Stephanie: Looks a little like Lee Min Ho there.

MollyInKdramaland: All of Pentagon is attractive, but to me he’s one of the prettiest.

SaraG: He’s beautiful…probably the visual.

MollyInKdramaland: That’s what I thought. Although Shinwon is good-looking, too, I was surprised when I heard he was the group’s official visual. I consider it to be Hongseok. But really – they’re all beautiful. Ugh… I love these guys!!

SaraG: It makes sense for Shinwon because he’s a former model. That’s really one of his primary skills…being pretty. Though he’s improved significantly at singing and dancing in the last year.

MollyInKdramaland: Awww – such a romantic song! I love those two. Pure eye candy with lovely voices.


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