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Posted by Stephanie on June 20, 2018

KPop School

**Sorry we were late for class! Yesterday we had a quiz on timezones and failed miserably. So, two classes for you today!

SaraG: Next up is Shinwon.

Stephanie: Brownhair: Shinwon.

SaraG: He is every so much more than a brown hair. Ko Shin Won is the self-proclaimed visual of Pentagon and one of the subvocalists. 

SaraG: He’s a king among idols.

Stephanie: What makes him king over the other members?

SaraG: I didn’t say over anyone. Hehe. He was street cast as a model and then transitioned into being a trainee from there. He has incredibly broad shoulders…like waaaaay broad.

Stephanie: Fan approved, I’m sure.


SaraG: They like to measure them on variety shows. They are like 53 cm across. He’s known as the group nudest…he is constantly stripping down. He just doesn’t care….drips his pants wherever.

SaraG: or lifts his shirt…or takes his shirt off

Stephanie: Helllllo…so he’s the ab-y one.


SaraG: No…Honseok is ab-y…Shinwon is just naked.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHAHA nice differential

SaraG: He has a really short temper and the members like to tease him ruthlessly to get a rise out of him. It’s pretty funny. They bully him and he loses it and then starts laughing at himself. He’s also a big scaredy cat…he’s afraid of everything…but especially bugs and animals…dogs are like his nightmare.

Stephanie: Well that’s just adorable — I’m starting to feel more for this brown hair!

SaraG: Major wimp…in the pentagon overview I put in a video of them telling scary stories…the others are scared of stuff like that and he’s actually fairly chill, but throw in a puppy and he’s on the ceiling crying.

Stephanie: He’s scared of dogs? Awwwwwww…

SaraG: WAAAAY….and he HATES coffee.

Stephanie: Poor bunny.

SaraG: Which I identify with.

Stephanie: So he’s your soul mate.

SaraG: Hui hates it too. Here are the members talking about his famously short temper.

Stephanie: I do enjoy a cranky one.

SaraG: He’s been quoted as saying…and I’ve seen him say it…that he doesn’t like people at all…only the other members. There have been so many funny little videos of him freaking out…I can’t remember what they were all on so I can’t find them. I have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s delightful.

Stephanie: What the fudge was that????

SaraG: No clue…but he’s also scared of balloons. He lists his number one hobby as laying down.

Stephanie: I’m a big fan.

SaraG: In a clip from a show they did call Pentagon Immigration, he even said that laying down was what he was best at so the host made him lay down and stay there for the rest of the show.


SaraG: He is the #1 fan of McDonald’s…his fav being the hamburger. Poor goose…he needs a better hamburger. 

SaraG: He loves fashion and clothes and shopping. In the dorms he shares a room with Kino…if you recall from an earlier clip I sent, they have two dorms…at first it was one for the hyungs and one for the maknaes…but Kino realized that was a terrible idea and switched with Jinho so that he could control the Maknae line.

Stephanie: LAUGH

SaraG: When Kino made it to his new dorm he found the other hyungs playing an aggressive game of hide and seek and discovered just how not grown up that line was either — Shinwon was in a giant plastic bag, Dawnie was hiding under a blanket spread out on the floor….it was a mess.

Stephanie:  Dear Lord. What a bunch of goobers.

SaraG: Shinwon plays piano and is featured on a Magazine Ho.

SaraG: Here he is singing a song written by Hui.

Stephanie: I love how jumbled up they stay.

SaraG: He isn’t their strongest singer or dancer, but he has worked his ass off in the last year to improve…you can see it on the new EP.

Stephanie: It has got to be hard to be around so many who are so talented. It’s got to push all of them forward.

SaraG: Here is a great piece of choreo with Shinwon and Kino.

SaraG: And of course more torture.

SaraG: Who is he with here?

SaraG: annnnnd, who is he shirtless with here?

Stephanie: A yellow sponge.

SaraG: Sigh.

Stephanie: AM I WRONG???

SaraG: He’s throwing finger hearts with Wooseok and bathing with Jinho.

SaraG: We are up to seven members now… I think that means it’s time for a test. I’m going to pop in a pic here…you save it and send it to me with your answers in a private chat so you don’t give it away…you are responsible for knowing Hui, Yeo One, Jinho, Kino, Wooseok, Hongseok, and Shinwon. If you get E’Dawn, Yuto, and Yanan, it’s a bonus.


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
Pentagon – A Group

Yeo One

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