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Posted by Stephanie on June 21, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Today is….

SaraG: Yuto, or full name Adachi Yuto, is from Nagano, Japan.

Stephanie: YUTODA

SaraG: The members call him takoyaki Prince.

Stephanie: Why?

SaraG: Because he’s Japanese—it’s a Japanese food—Takoyaki.

Stephanie: Laugh. I know. Why that one?

SaraG: That’s all I know…not the story.

Stephanie: Hahaha Some teacher 😉

SaraG: I can stop………..

Stephanie: And go find out why that food? Nah, that’s okay.

SaraG: Or quit because I’m a failed teacher.

Stephanie: Best you remember fondly the days I couldn’t keep up with class.

SaraG: It’s true.

Stephanie: I have that effect on people.


SaraG: He speaks Japanese and Korean.

Stephanie: Fancy pants!

SaraG: But is typically a quiet guy. He was a JYP trainee prior to Cube and was there with Yuto (same name) from ONF…they are good friends still.

Stephanie: Awww another kpop hit and run?

Stephanie: Helllloooo Yuto.

SaraG: Pentagon Maker was his Cube audition and it took him 9 weeks to complete the pentagraph. As we all know, he was a baseball player in Japan.

SaraG: He also played soccer. He’s sporty. And says that he has zero aegyo.

Stephanie: I like him more and more.

SaraG: He’s the main rapper and a vocalist in the group…and has a nice deep voice. Pentagon has two deep rappers and one high. It’s unusual to not have a mid range rapper in kpop.

Stephanie: Wooseok and E’dawn?

SaraG: Wooseok is deep and Dawn is high.

SaraG: Yuto doesn’t show much emotion publicly but the members talk a lot about how he’s actually quite sensitive and a scaredy cat. He’s afraid of the dark and ghost stories and scary movies.

Stephanie: Awwww

SaraG: He much prefers black clothes.

Stephanie: He’s so pretty.

SaraG: He’s also friends with Yuta from NCT…they mc’d a Korean music festival in Japan together.

Stephanie: Yuto and Yuta? Awww.


SaraG: Yuto and Yuta. Yuto recently put out a song with the other rappers as a side project.

SaraG: He likes to rap in both Korean and Japanese. Here is Kino teaching Yuto a sexy dance and Yuto killing it.

SaraG: He shares a room with Wooseok in the dorm.

SaraG: And, a shock to no one, they are close.

Stephanie: Be still my heart.


Stephanie: That’s adorable. Omg was that an eyeroll????


SaraG: He’s also very close with Jinho…as I mentioned before. 

SaraG: This boy has seriously become a cuddler with Jinho.

SaraG: And of course he’s tight with Yanan as I mentioned. 

Stephanie: I think I have Yanan.

SaraG: I feel like there is a lot to learn about Yuto, but he doesn’t share much. 

SaraG: They’ve given him this silent bad boy image…but I think he’s really just soft and shy. 

SaraG: Look at him fondle Wooseok.

SaraG: Here he is doing the mc gig

Stephanie: How well does he speak Korean? He and Wooseok are very cute.

SaraG: This one is English subbed.

SaraG: His Korean is great now…He was with JYP, so I think he’s been learning for awhile…and I think sometimes his skills get missed because he’s so quiet.

Stephanie: I was more wondering if he was quiet because he was not completely comfortable.

SaraG: I think that’s what gets assumed. But the more I watch stuff the more I think he’s just introverted. I’m sure the language barrier plays into it, but he’s got skills.

Stephanie: Skillz.

SaraG: And…

SaraG: Pic I’ve shared…with Hui.

Stephanie: Ooooh.


Stephanie: Going from that uncomfy gif on Jinho lesson to this. Jinho has worn him down

SaraG: I told you…Jinho is magical. Yuto adores him…rightfully so. They are like a couple.

Stephanie: A couple of cuties.


SaraG: There you go, Yuto.

Stephanie: YUTODA!



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