Khottie of the Week: UP10TION

Posted by Alix on June 23, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Let’s KCON!™ It’s hard to believe but we are back to that time of the year again. And while I will be attending KCON and hopefully receiving blessings from the Kpop Hi-Touch Gods, it’s actually the show the night after KCON that I’m most excited for. 

When UP10TION announced they were doing a US tour the only reason I paid any attention was thanks to KpopontheDL. They are not a group I’m very familiar with but have liked songs of theirs in the past. But since I was already going to be NYC adjacent I thought what the hell and bought a ticket (and it’s not just any ticket but a VVIP fan meet ticket…we are all riding a wave of nauseated excitement).

UP10TION debuted in 2015 and has 10 members (prepare yourself for a long enjoyable post). 

Meet Jinhoo, oldest and leader of this crew. 

He’s a vocalist and has a unique, beautiful look. 

Kuhn, often called co-leader, because who wouldn’t need a co-leader in a group of 10.

He’s a rapper, I’ve never seen him do any co-leading and hello sexy side. 

Next up is Kogyeol. 

Beautiful and I’m still figuring him out.

Tall rapper Wei is next. 

He’s been one of the hardest for me to learn but I think I’ve got him down…almost. 

Bit-to, a rapper, and my current favorite. 

How can you not love that smile…actually…nevermind…don’t look closely. 

Wooshin is a vocalist and often called the visual of the group or at least for KpopontheDL. 

He is adorable and we’re very glad he’s back. 

Sunyoul who has a very distinctive high pitched voice.

And he has abs…

Gyujin, the man with the eyebrows and lead dancer.

He’s often the group’s go-to emcee and does a good job. 

Hwanhee, vocalist, who is easy to remember because he looks a lot like EXO’s Baekhyun. 

He’s one of the maknaes, having been born in 1998. 

And last but not least, Xiao, the maknae of the group. 

Who doesn’t love a cheeky maknae!

They have a group Instagram @u10t_official and wish us luck, it’s going to be quite an experience!






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    It was a fantastic experience!!

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