Musical Tuesday – Because We Had KCon

Posted by SaraG on June 26, 2018


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this past weekend was KconNY 2018. Despite some of the mixed emotions and frustration with the concert shenanigans, both shows really were marvelous. Stephanie and I are working on a couple of posts to pay tribute to our experiences and those of our fans-in-training (who are we kidding, those girls are true blue at this point). And because the weekend was so busy, my keyboard died, and I was driving to PA on Monday, you get a Musical Tuesday.

See, I didn’t forget you, life just got in the way for a hot minute.

While I was driving from the city to my parents’ farm with no access to wifi and no ability to watch music videos (they frown on that when you’re behind the wheel) Nu’est W released the song and MV Dejavu. This is the absolute perfect video to talk about this week. Nu’est W is the four-member ‘subunit’ of Nu’est holding down the fort after Minhyun succeeded in becoming a part of Wanna One. Since I’ve been dying to spend more time with Nu’est recently and we got to see Minhyun on Sunday, the timing of the release seems almost fated.  Yet another instance of Kpop doing exactly what I needed it to do to keep me hooked.

Dejavu is fantastic. It’s a dance song with an almost Latin beat…not so much that it feels trite in this sea of Latin-influenced songs right now, but enough that it really makes your hips swing. Once the song gets going, there is this bass line that’s super prominent and really fun, you can hear it threaded through the song, sometimes in the forefront and sometimes laced into the background. The choreo actually contains limited footwork compared to how much time the camera follows their feet, but the hand and arm movements are impressive and beautiful.  The MV is…we’ll say fanciful. The styling is pretty simple, baggy tops, some pj’s, and their hair is all short, dark, and fairly natural looking. The video looks like it’s shown through a purple filter at night so it feels a little like watching one of those movies we loved so much as kids that took us to a mystical world – think Labyrinth or the Dark Crystal. There’s a very young princess, a high tech and magical compass, and a goat. If you look closely, you’ll also spot some tributes to some of their older MV’s like the bathtub and Baekho in traditional clothes carrying a sword. Dejavu, get it?

Big thumbs up on this one from me and it has stoked the fires of wanting to know them even better. Maybe, while I’m here on vacay in PA, I’ll spend some quality time with the members and learn to love them wholly.  

Dejavu, Nu’est W

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