Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Rainy Days and Ballads

Posted by SaraG on June 28, 2018


It didn’t even take me a week to slip into vacation mode…by that I mean I had no clue it was Thursday when I rose like a phoenix from the ashes this morning (my mom has the most amazing guest bed). At some point yesterday afternoon as I played a rousing game of Boggle over three bottles of wine, I recalled the need to write and post a blog post, but it was gone with a shake of the those darling lettered cubes. Now, though, as I wait for more family to show up so we can have blueberry pancakes and mimosas, I am hell bent on posting so I don’t have to feel guilty later.

I have a strong sense of duty when it comes to sharing music.  

When I first crept outside yesterday, the perfect weather of the preceding days, the upper seventies temperature with a light breeze and sunshine, was hiding behind heavy rain clouds. I actually love this kind of weather, but it does invoke a specific mood and require a certain type of music. But even if it were stereotypically lovely out, I suspect that I would have needed some ballads because of a little something called a Kpop Hangover. I can’t claim to have coined the term, my first introduction to the verbiage sits squarely with KpopontheDL. We had a hugely jam-packed weekend filled with loud noises, crowds, visuals, and fun. It was overindulgent and now we are paying the price. When I’m coming down from something like that, I need smooth, simples songs with a slower tempo, no pressure to dance, and no expectation that I’ll have to scream in excitement at the end.

I have a playlist for just such an occasion and I shared it yesterday for my gals to enjoy as needed (we all recuperate differently, I think some of the others need more of the driving music to push them through the fall.) As I would imagine that it can’t only be rainy where I am and that many of you were at KconNY and are probably suffering the aftermath, I thought just maybe someone else might need this as well. Take a listen, see what you think, and if you like any of the songs, look more into the artists…they are brilliant.

How do you recover from a Kpop hangover? Any tricks?

Kpop Hangover Ballads

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