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Posted by Stephanie on July 3, 2018

KPop School

Stephanie Note: Sorry for the delay guys! My bad. KCON then a nice trip home happened. Poor E’Dawn, I realized I never actually posted him. Shhh…please don’t tell him, it would just make him sad, then all my future E’dawn plans would be for naught.

SaraG: I believe, fair pupils, we have one more member…any guesses as to whom it could be?

Stephanie: E’DAWN!!!!


SaraG: E’Dawn.

Stephanie: (Wouldn’t that be terrible if I got that wrong? HAHAHAHA)

SaraG: Hahahahahahaha. Real name is Kim Hyo Jong. He’s 94 line…so 24 this year.

Stephanie: Hyo Jong.

SaraG: Stature wise he’s one inch taller than Hui and two taller than Jinho. NOT a giant. He’s slim, but extremely well built. Boy likes to work out and he’s proud of his bod.

Stephanie: And we are also proud of his bod.


Stephanie: BELLY BUTTON. Check, he has one. See? Now I know: Innie.


SaraG: He is the lead rapper, a lead dancer, and billed as a vocalist….though I’ve heard him sing….. He’s a high tone rapper and has a delicious whine when it’s appropriate…but make no mistake, he’s a dancer—and probably a stripper…

SaraG: You HAVE to watch this. He auditioned for JYP but became a trainee for Cube. Not sure if he didn’t make it or if he selected Cube.

Stephanie: Ho-ly fudge. I think I just had a moment there. That was full on stripper.

SaraG: Yep. Surprised I never sent that to you before. I keep it in my back pocket.


Stephanie: Seriously. Holding out on us.

SaraG: So Dawn’s fav color is black…he’s totally 4D.  He looks all cool and bad boy but he’s realllllly not. He thinks of himself as the cutest member.

Stephanie: awwww….

SaraG: And he screams. A lot. Really high. He and Wooseok compete for how high they can get.

SaraG: He’s blond more often than not, but you can see here, he does go dark sometimes.

Stephanie: Yeah, I can’t watch videos of him screaming. Cringe.

SaraG: I’ll spare you…but they always come up.

Stephanie: If you feel the need for others to see, feel free, but I can’t do it and look at him in the face in the morning.

SaraG: I’ll avoid it as much as possible, but it’ll be mixed in I’m sure. So as a trainee, he did a lot of stuff with Hyuna…you’ve seen the video where he subs for Ilhoon, but he did other stuff with her too. Their chemistry is AMAZING.


SaraG: Of course he’s in Triple H with her and Hui.

Stephanie: Ooooh those pics were crazy sexy.



Stephanie: I literally bought that cd just for the pictures.



SaraG: E’Dawn is afraid of water because he doesn’t know how to swim. He is also a hilarious scary story teller…ends all stories with a puddle of blood. Whether it makes sense or not. 

SaraG: I watch too much YouTube of them. He and Hongseok share a room…which seems like an odd pairing but is actually good. Hongseok worries….all the time. Dawn doesn’t worry. Hongseok has said that if he could be anyone else he would be Dawn so he could shut off his brain and sleep. E’Dawn is said to get super sleepy whenever he is bored.

Stephanie: awwwwww poor Hongseok.



Stephanie: So cuddly!

SaraG:  Picking up on that theme, huh? He’s suuuuper cuddly. Cuddly. He’s been quoted as saying if he were a girl, he’d date Yuto.

Stephanie: Who Wouldn’t?


Stephanie: I know this one! E’DAWN AND YUTO!!! I WIN!


SaraG: Of course, we all know the biggest ship is, of course, hui’dawn. They are both so snuggly.

Stephanie: Hui’dawn! ……..and the brown hairs

SaraG: No. You know the members.

Stephanie: I know this one too. HUI. EDAWN.

Stephanie: So Cute.


Stephanie: I want to say this is my ship but now I have so many to choose from — nope — nevermind — I lie. HUI’DAWN4LIFE

SaraG: Were you aware that Dawn bought Hui a ring that says ‘I love Dawn’ on it?

Stephanie: that’s the one. NOOOOOOOOOO. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA.

SaraG: Watch this.

Stephanie: Awwww…that was cute!

SaraG: It seriously never ends with them. SaraG:  E’Dawn has a soundcloud channel where he puts up songs.

Stephanie: Snuggle snuggle snuggle. Ooooh I need to listen. I love the sound of his voice.

SaraG: His voice on his solo stuff is a little deeper than you usually hear. WeirDawn is his name…

Stephanie: And if I remember correctly, he didn’t make the original Pentagon cut?

SaraG: He didn’t.

Stephanie: Poor egg.

MollyInKdramaland: I can’t imagine that. Pentagon wouldn’t be the same without him.

SaraG: I assume you guys have seen this…but if not, it’s a must. He ends the song…beautifully?

MollyInKdramaland: Gotta watch.

Stephanie: Good lord….yeah…you showed me that at Christmas. CRINGE

SaraG: No cringe….sooooo amazing. Here’s a song he wrote. I looove it.

SaraG: It’s also commonly known that he loves animals with all of his heart and soul. He wanted to be a zookeeper when he grew up.

Stephanie: Well, that is adorable.

SaraG: It NEVER ends with these two.

SaraG: Obviously, there are a million more things I could share about Pentagon and each of the members, but these lessons should get you started.

Stephanie: I already feel like I’m knowing them better. I can’t believe we’re done.

SaraG: I’m going to leave you with one last thing….it’s everything.

SaraG: And, of course.

SaraG: And obviously.

SaraG: And maybe.

MollyInKdramaland: I love them.

SaraG: Who is this?

SaraG: And these three? 


Thanks for hanging with us on our first session of Kpop School! Next up? MONSTA X!


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