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Posted by SaraG on July 9, 2018


In many ways, I’m a typical girl and I’m proud of that. I enjoy cute things, shopping, makeup, getting my hair done…it just isn’t always exactly the same way other girls like it, but who cares. I’m also a girl that likes girlfriends. I know a billion chicks that claim to hate female friends and would rather be paling around with ‘the guys.’ To those women I say, you haven’t met the right ladies yet. If you find the right ones, the responsible wierdos that make wacky choices with sound reasoning, that know themselves at least 85% of the time (we all get a little insecure on occasion), and that have your back no matter what, you’ve got it made.

Sometimes, as I’m getting to know a new artist or better familiarizing myself with someone that’s been around a bit, I get the feeling that they would slide right into my friend set as if they’d never been missing. They are puzzle pieces that fit right in. I’m not silly enough to think that I get it right all the time. I know that the image artists present the world is not always, or even most of the time, representative of who they really are. However, there is something to be said about recognizing a kindred spirit at a glance. You just kind of know when you would jibe with someone for at least that brief moment your lives intersect.

Minseo, a recently debuted solo artist with the Mystic Entertainment sub-label APOP, kind of feels that way to me. She’s very young, only 21ish, and debuted officially in March of this year. But the choices she’s made, the path she’s taking, speaks of someone that kind of gets who she is already. And I love that. I was that kid. I applied to one university because I knew exactly what I wanted out of school and figured out the best way for me to get it. Minseo was a trainee from middle school through high school and was set to both debut with Gfriend and participate in Produce 101. However, with the focus lacking in folks many years her senior, she decided that neither being part of a girl group nor being a contestant on a survival show were for her. She has her own sound and knows that she wants to be the star of her own show.

The video for Is Who came out at the end of June – right before I took off on my two-week vacation. I watched it, added the song to a playlist, and promised myself I’d give it an honest listen when I had a spare moment. Turns out, I have just as few spare moments on vacation as I do in real life. But darned if that song didn’t pop up constantly whenever I had music playing…and every time I’d check to see who it was. I keep going back to it. I love it and I have a growing affection for her. After a couple more quality releases, I just might have her back for life. Plus, I want her to do my makeup.

Is Who, Minseo

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  • Reply Stephanie July 9, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    Gah! I love this song! I’m a sucker for that 40’s big band, Andrews Sisters, Puppini Sisters sort of vibe.

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