Musical Monday – The Most Important Meal of the Day

Posted by SaraG on July 16, 2018


I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s my habit to wake up really early in the morning to work out or run before work. If I don’t do it then, it’s much more likely that I’ll skip it altogether and with the way I like to eat, that’s a bad idea. Before the actual exercise, though, I change and then curl up on the couch for about fifteen minutes to scroll through the new releases on YouTube and iTunes to make sure I start off the day with some vitamin K…and, not the kind that comes in leafy greens or dairy.

Last Friday was my flex day, so I got to sleep in all the way to 6:30 before crawling out of bed to hit the treadmill for an hour. I made it to the floor at the foot of my bed before I swiped on my phone and opened up the appropriate app for my morning hit. First up was by far my fav for the day, a Fanxychild collab between Crush and Zico that came out as part of Crush’s new album Wonderlust. The whole album is a pretty stellar representation of R&B in Korea right now. There are some great featuring artists like Penomeco, Punchnello, Hoody, and Sik-K among others. I was destined to love it from the get-go.

Cereal, the first song released with an MV (I say first in the hopes that there are more), is a pretty clean, cold feeling concept taking place in a big, mostly empty, white room with rounded stairs and white windows serving as the backdrop. Everything is tinted blue as if they filmed through a filter. There are a retro boom box and tape, a chair, and two women’s dresses dancing – the actual women digitally removed – place in the foreground. Crush takes center stage, whispers Fanxy, and kicks the song off the upbeat and imminently danceable song. Crush’s hair is my dream color, Zico’s pop of blue washed red shirt is, perhaps one of the best things I’ve experienced in a long while, and the two of them performing a duet together is, as always, delightful. When members of a crew that consistently collaborate get together for a release, you’d think it’d feel ‘same old thing.’ But it doesn’t to me, hearing a pair that work together so seamlessly is one of the best treats on a hot, summer morning. It’s energizing.

I ran four and a half miles.

Cereal, Crush (ft. Zico)

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  • Reply Stephanie July 16, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    This makes me go….when is Block B coming out with new music already???

    Or…when is Block B going to come back to the states already???

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