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Posted by SaraG on July 23, 2018



It’s another one of those months – so many releases I can barely get my little heart wrapped around one before another pops up and thoroughly distracts me. There’s been the Jesse, Hyolyn, Jay Park, Triple H, MAMAMOO, and Chung Ha alongside some lesser-known artists like Wooks and Esbee & ASSBRASS coming back with solid songs that I won’t be done listening too for a while. To make it easy on myself and because last night I watched their episode of Idol Room way past my bedtime, I’m going to chat just a little bit about the Seventeen comeback. Let’s just say that yet again, they have proven that I made grave mistakes in not falling in love with them the moment they debuted.

Now, I am not one for aging idols down for a concept, especially after they’ve been allowed to do more mature songs and looks in the past, but for some reason, this time around it isn’t bothering me as much. I think, despite the video for Oh My being set in essentially an all-boys summer camp, the actual group wasn’t really aged down. The styling is deliciously spot on and they look fresh and summery without appearing like twenty-somethings in kid clothes. The teaser images leading up to the release were unbelievably gorgeous and frankly, I kind of want to wallpaper a room in my house with them.

The choreo is fantastic…Hoshi, once again, putting together a complex and precise routine that clearly took a lot of effort and attention to detail in order to highlight each member individually over the course of 3’31”. It opens with Wonwoo sitting on the floor moving his hands around as if moving toys across an imaginary scene. Behind him, the group is mirroring his movements like he is controlling them (and honestly, I don’t think I’d be terribly surprised if he weren’t secretly masterminding the whole Seventeen thing). The song itself kicks off with an almost video game beat. Very clever and engaging.

After the opening, it’s all soft beds, camp games, blocky sets with choreo, and dancing on clouds. I mean, come on, that screams summer. The song isn’t a surprise. Seventeen has definitely identified their look and sound and stuck with it through the last few releases and for this entire mini album. But I don’t think that Woozi made a mistake by staying in this realm when writing the songs. It was all different enough that I enjoyed the release independent of previous offerings, but similar enough that it wasn’t jarring and unfamiliar. I got to love it immediately. Which is nice in this world of constant change and reimagining.

Oh My, Seventeen


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    I loved this instantly too! So relieved.

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