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Posted by Stephanie on July 25, 2018

KPop School

Learning Pentagon in preparation for Kcon prooved to be really fun for both the students and the teacher. We laughed, we cried, and we fell even more deeply in love. Seeing a group you adore is always an amazing experience, but seeing them while at the same time knowing them takes it to a whole new level of enjoyment. You can turn to the stranger next to you, his or her hands waving in the air and eyes wide as they say to you “did you see what insert idol name just did? And you’ll KNOW WHO THEY MEANT. It’s pretty great.

As many are aware, the Colorado contingent of the NerdHerd is heading to California in a couple of weeks to meet up with our LA girls for some fun in the sun and a little visit with our Friday besties, the boys of Monsta X. To ensure that everyone was properly appreciating the experience, the next semester of Kpop School served to introduce MollyInKdramaland and Stephanie to the wonders of these seven beautiful hearts. I hope you get something out of it as well.

SaraG: Ok….are you ready to learn about the group as a whole?

Stephanie: I’m headed underground, but beyond that, yes!.

SaraG: Monsta X is a seven-member group that came from a 2015 MNET survival show called No Mercy. There were 13 contestants
The mentors include:
Mad Clown
San E
Joo Young
Genius Nochang

An AWESOME lineup

MollyInKdramaland: I didn’t know they got together from a reality show. Those groups seem like they do better – I think cause they debut with a certain amount of popularity- or at least awareness.

SaraG: There seems to be some extra bonding achieved through fear. I have seen a few episodes, but as per usual, I really don’t enjoy these types of shows. As soon as I saw Minhyuk cry, I was out. He should never cry. Also, they really weren’t great with IM. They brought him in later in the show and it created some strife between the members. Of those that were kicked off the show, some have had success. #Gun, a rapper, is doing still with Starship. Yoonho is in VAV under the name Ayno, and Minkyun is MK in ONF

SaraG: There were a few great songs that came out of the show. The boys with the mentors.

SaraG: Starship explained the group’s name…announced shortly after the show…as MONSTA X. “The name signifies the emergence of a monster who will dominate the Kpop scene, as well as the meaning of ‘My star’, as ‘Mon’ means ‘my’ in French. The X in the name refers to the existence of the unknown”. They debuted on May 14, 2015, with the EP Trespass

SaraG: There are seven members….obvs…Shownu (leader), Wonho, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Jooheon, Hyungwon, and IM. Jooheon and IM are the rappers. Others have the skill set but are featured as vocalists. 
SaraG: They are on Starship in Korea and Mercury in Japan. They are very active in Japan.

SaraG: Obviously, this is the video that won me over. It’s glorious. And here’s the Japanese version of a song (Shine Forever)

SaraG: The special video that helped me learn their names easily was Amen….total boyfriend concept…

SaraG: They are known for self-cam videos which are absolutely charming…I have fallen down many a YouTube hole around these mvs.

SaraG: There are a ton of them. So here’s just a few.

SaraG: In January 2017 they launched a variety show called Monsta X-ray. The members do participate in writing lyrics and Jooheon and IM, in particular, write their own raps. 

Stephanie: I’m here! I’m here! Sorry I was late to class. Laugh! Every time I got a flash of internet on the train, like a million posts would load.

SaraG: Hahahahahaha

Stephanie Babies! So I have some catch-up questions. Was their put together show a show where management kind of knew who the members would be? And Did I hear they just started making a profit?

SaraG: The participants were all trainees so the mentors knew what they could do. Jooheon was extremely familiar with many of them and was almost always praised

Stephanie: Well. he’s awesome so we wouldn’t have it any other way.

SaraG: They got their first paycheck within the last year. And got their first win in a show. They posted a video thanking the fandoms. And wept and fully bowed.

Stephanie: Awwww. So cure. Umm… or cute. I’m sure I meant cute. How did Shownu get leader? Oldest?

Stephanie: Love the white shirts on that.

SaraG: Shownu details in Shownu lesson….but let’s just say that he has a ton of experience and though he can sometimes seem dopey, he’s really not. Wonho is the oldest…but only by months
MONSTA X Official Accounts:
Facebook: OfficialMonstaX
Twitter: @officialmonstax
Instagram: @official_monsta_x
Youtube: MONSTA X
Daum Café: monsta-x
Official Website: Monsta X

Stephanie: Sends Audio clip 0:02. That didn’t work. Augh.

SaraG: It was heavy breathing. The fandom is Monbebe.

Stephanie: I’m a proud monbebe! And the heavy breathing seems about right

SaraG: And the group colors are

Stephanie: So what you’re saying is, as a good fan, those are my new wall colors?


SaraG: They do a lot of post-apocalyptic themed videos that are largely interconnected and make no sense. And allude to heavy drug use to escape the trials of horrible lives.

Stephanie: Soooo…. standard kpop then.

SaraG: Pretty much.

SaraG: Weekly Idol is a great way to learn members of most groups…especially groups with fewer than 10 members so they have a chance to shine individually

SaraG: The members are super distinctive and easy to learn

SaraG: We’ll start with Shownu next!!


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
Monsta X: A Group


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