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Posted by Stephanie on July 26, 2018

KPop School

Stephanie: Okay, Teach!

SaraG: Today we will do….

SaraG: Any guess on who that member is? Right from the start? Hint, he’s allergic to shirts.

Stephanie: Took a while for that to load, then it like, Wowza! Minhyuk?

SaraG: It’s Wonho!!!

Stephanie: Dang

SaraG: Wonho is the oldest member…but only by a few months. His real name is Lee Ho Seok…but when he was an Ulzzang he went by Shin Ho Seok…. so yes, his name is Hoseok…He is the lead dancer, lead vocalist, and a visual for Monsta X. 

SaraG: So yes, he was an Ulzzang and even appeared on the show Ulzzang Shidae Season 3. I know nothing about the show and very little about the Ulzzang phenomenon outside of the fact that they are people famous for just being pretty…big eyes, kind of like anime drawings.

Stephanie: Shirtless Mcshirtyson.

SaraG: He works hard for that body and either he or the stylists have deemed it important that we see the fruits of his labor

Stephanie: That’s a lot of positions for a member

Stephanie: Guess that’s what happens with a smaller band.

SaraG: He was a trainee for three years prior to being a part of No Mercy.

Stephanie: At the same agency?

SaraG: I believe so.

Stephanie: Cool. He should show off the fruits of his labor! He’s worked hard!

SaraG: as you might have noticed, he has an incredible body and works out a ton…he has always been like that. He was a tae kwon do athlete and wanted to continue along those lines but was injured.

Stephanie: Awwww

SaraG: He was inspired by a friend who is a bodybuilder to exercise a ton and maintain his physique. And yes, he is the member that has been with Starship the longest so I would guess that means all three years were spent there.

Stephanie: We should find his friend and thank him.

SaraG: He, as the oldest, was the leader up until the day before debut…then they selected Shownu.

Stephanie: Ouch?

SaraG: Yes…ouch. He was shocked.

Stephanie: Oh noes! Poor egg! Do we know why?

SaraG: I’m not positive…

Stephanie: Nice purple…wine.

SaraG: He has three tattoos: one on his foot, one on his thigh, and one on his ass.

Stephanie: Woah. Heeeeellllllo.

SaraG: You can see the ass one peaking out.

Stephanie: Is the thigh one real? It seems perfectly placed.

SaraG: It is real!

SaraG: He’s super talented with music production and has composed some of the MX songs…he did oi, which is one of my favorite songs by them.

Stephanie: Do they write all their own music?

SaraG: I can’t answer if they do all of it, but they do some for sure. He also wrote From Zero.

Stephanie: I listened to Monsta X all day today

SaraG: I’m sure you heard those songs then! As I mentioned in Shownu’s lesson, Wonho, Shownu, and Hyungwon share a room in the dorm. One of the reasons he is so focused on his health and working out is that he gets sick easily so he pays attention to what he eats and rest and so on. Here he is with Hyungwon.

SaraG: They did a video together. It’s the instrumental version of From Zero and it’s a total love story.

Stephanie: Ooooh. Niiiice

SaraG: Definitely watch it…it’s them on a vacation together in Paris

Stephanie: As one does

SaraG: Absolutely.

SaraG: He says that his ideal woman would be able to make ramen well and that he has no plans to marry…ever. He has a younger brother who is already married so he says that he doesn’t have to worry about the family

Stephanie: I’ll be interested to see how this turns out.

Stephanie: I’ll be interested to see how this turns out for him.

SaraG: He’s got kind of the bad boy image in the group but really, he’s very sensitive. I always get the feeling that he’s desperately seeking approval from the group, from the fans, from everyone. Hence the shirtlessness. He’s the one that got super beefy and some fans complained on Vlive and totally hurt his feelings. He said that he would quit working out so much. It was heartbreaking. Fans should suck it

Stephanie: They should! If he likes it and he’s trying to be healthy then let him be! Fans suck.

SaraG: We don’t suck. We want him to be happy.

SaraG: Indeed we do.

Stephanie: Come here baby, bring it in for a hug. Denver ladies have your back. Always.

SaraG: Want your ovaries to scream? Monsta X did a whole childcare thing on Monsta X-Ray…their show. Here is a supercut of Wonho with the kids — though it features all of them really.

Stephanie: Gotta watch that show!

SaraG: We’ve watched a bunch in the basement — you’ve seen more than you know.

Stephanie: Probably while I was sleeping. It happens.

SaraG: For truth. He has a super sweet voice…Wonho…and is a great dancer…shock.

SaraG: He’s in the middle on this video…

SaraG: Who are these two?


SaraG: YAY!

Stephanie: I’ll leave the others for Molly. 

SaraG: It’s all the same at this point…we’ve covered two members…I won’t test you on all of them. 

SaraG: He is an adorable sweetheart. He is very discernible from the other members and I feel like just because he is dead sexy, his talent is often overlooked. He is far from a meathead but I think he’s a bit…shy? Like Shownu. they don’t know quite what to say immediately so it takes them a minute to respond…and because they are big and beefy they seem like a stereotype — neither are. 



MollyInKdramaland: There’s a lot more to Wonho than I gave him credit for! He’s so uber talented, pretty and sexy!

SaraG: Five more members to go…excited?


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