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Posted by Stephanie on July 29, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Who’s ready for the next member?

Stephanie: Ready!

SaraG: Please welcome, Minhyuk to the mix.

Stephanie: Oooh

SaraG: He is a vocalist, a visual, and the face of the groups…or group singular. 

Stephanie: Brings up a question.

SaraG: What is the difference?

Stephanie: Does Monsta x have subgroups?

SaraG: hahahaha…not the question I was thinking it would be. I don’t know that there are official subunits, but they split off to do songs together.

Stephanie: Cool

SaraG: Minhyuk is a 93 line…so just over a year younger than Wonho and Shownu.

SaraG: He’s around 5’10” I think, and super trim…but not as thin as you might think…that’s in comparison to Wonho and Shownu…He’s not a super skinny idol. He was the last idol confirmed to debut with the group after the show No Mercy…

Stephanie: The one they had issues with?

SaraG: That was IM…I think Minhyuk really struggled the most in the show. There were a lot of tears. He knew he was beautiful but he didn’t have a lot of confidence in his voice. You could tell he was relying on his charm and the judges didn’t always buy it.

Stephanie: Awww poor bunny!

SaraG: He’s super silly. He’s the mood maker in the group…always working to lighten up the atmosphere. He’s also the one Shownu sometimes defers to…Shownu thinks that Minhyuk is a natural leader. He doesn’t always seem like it, but I think it’s largely behind the scenes. He’s always watching everyone and making sure they are secure and doing well.

Stephanie: He looks different moving.

SaraG: He’s bouncy…videos will help.

SaraG: He wants to an MC on a music show and he LOVES to do variety.

SaraG: He’s adorable and does aegyo, but he hates being called cute…he prefers ‘sexy’ and he really, really knows how to turn sexy on in a flash.

Stephanie: Then he should stop being so cute.

SaraG: Dear lord, please never stop.

SaraG: While Shownu and Wonho are both swimmers, Minhyuk doesn’t know how to swim — he’s all life vests and safety.

Stephanie: Safety first!

SaraG: He says that Shownu is the person he is most attracted to and feels the closest with…he says they are opposites so when he’s going wild, Shownu takes a step back, and when he is feeling shy, Shownu steps up

Stephanie: Teamwork!


SaraG: This will shock you, but he is super touchy-feely.

Stephanie: Noooo!

SaraG: HEHEHEHE. He and Jooheon are the ‘honey couple’.

SaraG: There is a lot of cuddles and faux jealousy when either interacts with anyone else too much.

Stephanie: Well they are adorable.

SaraG: In the dorm, he shares a room with Kihyun, IM, and Jooheon. He thinks his lips are his best feature and that the back of his head is too flat.

Stephanie: He does have a well-formed smile.


SaraG: You will note, as a point of reference, that his lips turn down when he has a resting face.

SaraG: They play with his hair a ton…not so much the style, that stays basically the same, but the color. He looks good in ALL colors.

Stephanie: Oooh that’s a great color!

SaraG: He actually wears glasses…not fakes.

Stephanie: Love idols in real glasses.

SaraG: He really likes curvy girls…and says that he wants to marry a chubby girl

Stephanie: And instant favorite;)

SaraG: Totally. I’ve said this to LizC before, but I would like to live in the space between his eyes. That’s another point of reference for him…his eyes are far apart, there’s a lot of delicious skin between them.

Stephanie: Not quite Dino from Seventeen, but I guess I can see it.

SaraG: He did a cool stage with Minhyuk from BtoB, Yongjae from BAP, and BamBam from Got7.

SaraG: He is the one in the ears….of course. This is definitely a group that I’ve had an impossible time picking a bias in…so I’ve decided not to pick one. But Minhyuk does something special for me…which I appreciate. He’s one of those super silly Peter Pan types that is actually very observant and deliberate. I wouldn’t say that he was always that way, but he’s matured a lot since since No Mercy. He has super biting humor.

SaraG: He makes fun of the other members ruthlessly and consistently.

Stephanie: You do like sarcasm.

SaraG: Sometimes it can feel mean-spirited, but I think he is doing it all in jest…and they get annoyed with him but forgive him right away. at least on camera.

SaraG: I know he’s one you’ve had a hard time recognizing, Stephanie, so I have given you lots of clips and compilations of him walking and talking and interacting with the others

MollyInKdramaland: Wait – what’s the difference between being the visual and the Face of the group?

SaraG: The visual is recognized as the prettiest member or best looking. The face holds the center position…often seen as the most ‘popular’ member. They are not always the same…but with Monsta X they are.

SaraG: See, he’s often the one either easiest to see or in the dead center because…

SaraG: and…

SaraG: TEST….you are responsible for Shownu, Wonho, and Minhyuk.

MollyInKdramaland: Min Hyuk does something to me… He’s SO pretty… and I tend to like those moodmaker boys…

SaraG: You really do. and I haven’t done Kihyun yet, but he’s my other top contender in the group (now)…but this pic is so perfect it hurts. Very representative of their demeanors.

Stephanie: Sent answers in reg chat. Grade me teach.


Stephanie: Woot. Minhyuk is hard. Sometimes he looks different

SaraG: He’s a bit of a chameleon…that’s why I gave those points of reference…space between his eyes, his down turned mouth when he’s not smiling

Stephanie: Give another test ….please.

SaraG: He’s also probably always snuggling someone.

SaraG: And final one for tonight.

MollyInKdramaland: I get confused between Kihyun and IM. For some reason, Minhyuk is easy for me cause I’ve been eyeing him as bias potential for quite some time.

SaraG: We will do Kihyun tomorrow then!!


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