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Posted by Stephanie on July 30, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: As promised, today is Kihyun DAY!!! If we are following the age order for our lessons, my promise to do Kihyun was on target. He’s a November 93 baby…only a few days after Minhyuk

Stephanie: ….what day in November?

SaraG: Kihyun is November 22

Stephanie: Lots of great November birthdays:

SaraG: Minhyuk

Stephanie: WOWZERS. See? November. Hot month for hot people.

SaraG: Kihyun is the smallest member at around 5’9″ and he’s slim. Keep that in mind as you learn them…small=Kihyun in context.

SaraG: who are they?


SaraG: While correct, I’m only giving half points. And a more difficult picture:

SaraG: Kihyun is the main vocal in Monsta X and is known as the Golden Voice. He got so much praise for his pipes on No Mercy…but he had to learn how to make it more emotional….he was perfect but cold.  He’s got a great song with Soyou and Giriboy called Pillow…

Stephanie: Interesting. The evolution of talent.

SaraG: He plays the guitar and the piano and loves composing music and writing lyrics

Stephanie: Who knew he was so awesome? I’m sorry for not knowing him!

SaraG: Want to spend the perfect minute of your life? Here are my current top two in the group]

Stephanie: Isn’t that what class is? The most perfect minute of my life? That hand over the shoulder move in the video is so pedo — also, I’m glad to see this, I came away from Minhyuk feeling a little bad about him.

SaraG: NOOOOO!! He’s lovely. I feel like I need to start over.


SaraG: hahahahaha. Kiyun is the mom of the group…he nags, is the best cook, is the cleanest member, etc

Stephanie: awwww… I do love a good mom of the group. Members taking care of members is just adorable.

SaraG: He is dead pretty in pink hair. I love it…

SaraG: He often has the pink. As I mentioned before…he and Shownu are the only members to consider themselves attractive. The others all think of themselves as ‘ok’. He knows he’s adorable.

Stephanie: I’m gonna have to have a chat with Jooheon. One one one.


Stephanie: That’s some skillful eye makeup

SaraG: He has AMAZING eyes — and stellar abs. 

Stephanie: I can’t tell from that.



SaraG: Kihyun, like Minhyuk, goes from sexy to cute to sexy in no time and though he is cute, he does not do aegyo…he says that he can’t

Stephanie: In his favor


SaraG: He love, love, loves to dance…and he’s very good. The members all voted him as the one that acts most like the maknae.

Stephanie: Multi-talented then.

SaraG: I just fell down a hole of watching clips of him


Stephanie: That’s what came up after your last video.

SaraG: That is adorable.

SaraG: He was featured in the Starship Christmas video in 2016…

SaraG: Pink hair…I even did a post on it on the blog and mentioned how great he looked….in 2016. Wanna know who one of his good friends is????

Stephanie: no way!!

SaraG: Suga sent Kihyun two giant wreaths when Monsta X did a big performance and Kihyun thanked him on a radio show. When they do the same concert, they try to stay in the same hotel and meet up.

Stephanie: AWWWWWWWW. That is so freaking adorable I’m not quite sure how to contain myself. IDOL FRIENDSHIPS FOR THE WIN! And now I’m down a hole of __ and __ friendship videos.

SaraG: Focus. Learn Kihyun.

Stephanie: Yes, Teacher.

SaraG: He loves video games and plays a bunch of Overwatch…My husband and I joke that they’ve probably played together and he just didn’t know, Matt plays with a lot of random Korean guys.

Stephanie: that would be hilarious.



Stephanie: He has a very angular face — like a triangle.


SaraG: He’s pointy and triangular.

SaraG: Whose this? 

SaraG: Here’s Kihyun on King of Masked Singer…everyone guessed him right away…his voice is distinctive


Stephanie: A++++ to me!

SaraG: Ok, I have to walk the dog and write at least 1,000 words of infectious….so hopefully you are feeling good about Kihyun and better about Minhyuk.

Stephanie: I’m feeling good about Kihyun! Multi-talented.

SaraG: Super distinctive.

Stephanie: Angular face. I got him. November 22

SaraG: WOOT!!

Stephanie: Fourth oldest. Friends with yoongi.

SaraG: Who are the three oldest?

Stephanie: The other ones we’ve done 😉

SaraG: Perfect. The leader is?

Stephanie: NOT WONHO. Who they dumped. Last minute. After a day. The day before debut. In favor of Shownu.

SaraG: Yep

MollyInKdramaland: That was super helpful – thanks, SaraG! I like Kihyun – beautiful voice, confidence, pretty boy, friends with Yoongi 😁. At least I can finally recognize him! LOL

Stephanie: Shownu Kihyun? Wait! I didn’t enlarge that. No, I’m going to keep my answer.

SaraG: Shownu and Wonho

Stephanie: DAMNIT. I thought it might be Wonho when I enlarged it but then second guessed my second guess.

SaraG: Hahahahaha


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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