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Posted by Stephanie on August 2, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Ready for school?


SaraG: Today is Hyungwon day…


SaraG: Hyungwon was born in January of 1994…so just a few months younger than Minhyuk and Kihyun…but a different year, which makes all of the difference. He is the lead dancer, a vocalist, and a visual in the group…he and Minhyuk share the visual title

Stephanie: You forgot a title.

SaraG: I’m not putting it here

Stephanie: Main lips.

SaraG: hahahahaha.

SaraG: I just read that he was born before the lunar new year…making him a 93 line…even though he was born in 94. Fascinating.

Stephanie: That lunar new year, helping fangirls be less creepy from way back.

SaraG: He is, in case you haven’t noticed, super quiet and calm. He’s the member that sleeps the most and has said that he sleeps like a corpse.

SaraG: He’s the tallest member of the group and super slip…

Stephanie: Slip? Slippery? When wet?

SaraG: Slim. I believe I’ve told you this before but prior to becoming a trainee, he was a pretty popular model…he did a lot of fashion shows/runway work.

Stephanie: He does seem to have I’M A MODEL written all over him.

SaraG: He’s pretty introverted and awkward…Social interaction isn’t really his thing

SaraG: He’s a living meme.

Stephanie: As a meme was how I first met him I can totally see it. The memeery.

SaraG: He loves traveling…it’s in his blood. His parents owned a travel agency and when he was young, he worked there.

Stephanie: You guys share a travel love. Does that endear you to him?

SaraG: Of course! I’ve always been a huge fan of Hyungwon…I don’t know if you know this, but I collect awkward introverted friends…he’d fit in

Stephanie: HAHAHHAHA Nooooo! you?? — Hey, I’m awkward and introverted! Let’s be friends! 

SaraG: The other members all say that Hyungwon is a terrible cook, a super picky eater, and someone who gets full really, really quickly.

Stephanie: Well, that’s the model in him.

SaraG: He lurves shopping. SHOCK!

Stephanie: He really IS a meme.

SaraG: Also, he loves acting and the members say that he is the best actor in the group.

Stephanie: Hyungwon?

SaraG: he was in the main cast of a drama called Please Find Her.

Stephanie: Did you see it? Was it good? Is he good? Can you tell I just swapped to my computer and can now bombard you with questions?

SaraG: Hahaha. Nope, I haven’t seen it. It’s a 2017 drama. We should find it.

Stephanie: We should. I’m guessing a web drama… or a special?


Stephanie: Yep. Web drama


Stephanie: What the fudge is he doing in there?

SaraG: Let’s watch it.

Stephanie: We must watch.

SaraG: Hyungwon….ahem…..

Stephanie: #research we didn’t get off track

SaraG: …speaks Chinese

Stephanie: He does?

SaraG: Once on he was on an episode of Weekly Idol and the hosts thought he was Chinese…so he spoke to them in Chinese to fool them. They totally bought it and complimented his acting.

SaraG: As mentioned previously, he shares a room with Shownu and Wonho in the dorm and Wonho has said that he would love to switch bodies with Hyungwon so he would never have problems wearing clothes again. 

Stephanie: Yes, because Wonho is so beefy. Eyeroll. 

SaraG: and as a reminder, he and Wonho did the film thing together to From Zero. Hyungwon is actually a DJ as well…and a really talented one

SaraG: He is pretty confident about his dancing…and the confidence is well deserved. For being so slow and quiet and behind the scenes, he really stands out when they are dancing

MollyInKdramaland: Agree

Stephanie: Dance fool, dance!!!

SaraG: Here are the roomies together…dancing

Stephanie: For some reason… I’m really surprised one of the three doesn’t have one of their pant legs rolled up — it seems fitting for this group.

SaraG: It’s the song. The song suggests pant leg up.

Stephanie: It does! And their outfits…

SaraG: They broke with expectations those crazy cats

SaraG: For being so quiet and standoffish in public, the members all say that Hyungwon is actually the loudest in the dorm and super talky.

Stephanie: Really? I can’t see it! Probably because whenever I think of him I think of him from that coffee gif. 

SaraG: He’s also very snuggly…Shownu said that if he were a girl, he’d want to date Hyungwon.

MollyInKdramaland: That’s adorable.


SaraG: He and Minhuyk are quite close…they are always seen whispering and chatting behind their hands

MollyInKdramaland: Cute!

SaraG: Minhyuk mitigates some of Hyungwon’s awkwardness

MollyInKdramaland: I can see that.


SaraG: One time, and stop me if you’ve heard this one, Jooheon was driving Kihyun somewhere and there was a big car accident and Jooheon died. Hyunwon provided Kihyun the opportunity to change it by turning back time…Kihyun tried over and over and over until he realized that he had to die to save Jooheo….Or maybe that was a music video. 

Stephanie: LAUGH! NO WAY! I hadn’t heard that! Wow. this team really is magical

SaraG: And willing to sacrifice themselves. Don’t get me started about the time Kihyun went blind

Stephanie: GASP!

SaraG: Hyungwon has a really pleasant voice…kind of mid range.

SaraG: Test time!

Stephanie: Switching back to my phone, though I’ll say, after last night watching those variety videos, I realized I have an easier time with flat pics. When they’re all moving around, I still get a little lost.

SaraG: We’ll just have to watch more.

Stephanie: Oh noes. Hahaha

MollyInKdramaland: Your Friday nights are the BOMB!

Stephanie: Something tells us ours in 3 weeks will be even better!

SaraG: I’ll just pop some pics in here and you can send them to me in a separate chat.

SaraG: Who’s missing from this one?

SaraG: You guys are rocking it! Great job on the tests. Two members to go and you will be seeing Monsta X in LA like a group of old friends

Stephanie: Yay!!!


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