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Posted by Stephanie on August 3, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Who’s ready for our last Monsta X member??

MollyInKdramaland: ME!

Stephanie: I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for school to end.

SaraG: Last but by no means least…

SaraG: IM is the maknae of the group…born in January ’96. He is the lead rapper and a vocalist….he was the sixth member announced to be a part of the group during No Mercy. And as we alluded to previously, had some controversy regarding how he was added. He was introduced to the show during the fourth mission…the other participants were in no way pleased.

Stephanie: That does seem a little shady to add someone at the end of the show, I can see how the others had an issue.

MollyInKDramaland: I still have a bit of trouble telling Kihyun and IM apart.

SaraG:  Interesting about he and Kihyun…

SaraG: I can see where they seem somewhat similar

MollyInKdramaland: Yep. How do I tell them apart??

SaraG: When I look at them really closely, I can see how they look alike but for some reason, they look soooo different to me in general. The package.

MollyInKdramaland: They look like they could be twins!

SaraG: So to tell them apart,

SaraG: Kihyun has a much larger mouth…IM holds his mouth with a lot more tension…They are a very different shape when they are open. IM has a fuller and more rounded. Now…Kihyun is very pointy

MollyInKdramaland: Oh – that helps!

SaraG: IM has deeper creases around his mouth as well and he’s taller than Kihyun.

MollyInKdramaland: Ok!

Stephanie: So we have reasons to stare at their mouths…. non-creepy reasons.

MollyInKdramaland: Oh – yeah.

SaraG: Can you tell them apart here? Which is which?

MollyInKdramaland: IM left, Kihyun right. Your descriptions helped.

SaraG: IM’s birth name is Im Chang Kyun. His dad, his role model, is a scientist and the family moved around the world a lot while IM was young. He lived for three years in Boston and 4 years in Israel. He’s fluent in English. This a song with Kihyun and IM:

SaraG: His English name is Daniel and in Boston, he went by Danny
He was a Starship trainee for two years and was scheduled to debut with a different group…plans fell through and he decided to move on.

Stephanie: Wow. That’s one of the most amazing backstories. 

SaraG: He’d considered going into science and education…but obviously went toward music. Thank goodness for us.

Stephanie: From Starship?

SaraG: From Starship what?

Stephanie: He decided to move on?

SaraG: He decided to move on from the original boy group he was supposed to debut with…not from Starship — he’s still with Starship. The other members have said that he is the quietest in the dorm. Just kinda chill. He shares, as I’ve mentioned, with Jooheon, Kihyun, and Minhyuk. They might think he’s the quietest since he’s the only one that doesn’t snore.

SaraG: The roomies. One of his nicknames, given to him by Wonho, is puppy. He gets really excited and has a habit similar to mine…he bites Shownu. When asked why he bites Shownu, he says because his arms are delicious.

SaraG: You can see that even though they had a rocky start, they have all accepted and grown to love IM He writes a lot of songs and lyrics with Jooheon, but he loves to hang out and play games with Kihyun He’s kind of shaped like Park Seo Joon

Stephanie: Awww he bites too! How can you choose from member to member as your favorite?

SaraG: I don’t choose. I love them all. No favs in Monsta X.

Stephanie: Good plan.

SaraG: IM is actually fairly religious….he prays before he eats any meal (as does Jooheon reportedly) and he gave 10% of his first paycheck to his church

Stephanie: Oh

SaraG: He, another thing we have in common, loves gummy bears.

Stephanie: Gummy Bears SaraG’s go to travel food.

SaraG: He released a solo song…

SaraG: They’ve all done stuff, but his was an official release — they haven’t all done official solos. He always looks so serious, but he’s actually a bit…extra (though I hate that as a descriptor)

Stephanie: Extra?

SaraG: 4D. Over the top. He loves puns and wordplay and being super silly out of nowhere. Ooooh, he did a good cover of Instagram by Dean.

Stephanie: I believe you had me watch that in your “Make Stephanie love Dean” efforts.

SaraG: Nope…I showed you Woosung doing instagram from the Rose…not IM, you weren’t into Monsta X yet.

Stephanie: I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THERE WASN’T A TIME I WASN’T INTO MONSTA X. Not me — you must have me confused with someone else.

SaraG: I believe it was around six weeks ago

Stephanie: Pretty sure six weeks ago I shelled out cash money to see these guys in person. Nope. FAKE NEWS

SaraG: Pretty sure that was when you were STARTING TO LIKE THEM.

Stephanie: Nope. I’ve got receipts.

SaraG: Let’s agree to have different memories.

Stephanie: Sure. She says as she gives side eye. 

SaraG: IM is part of an underground rap crew called Coda Crew. He loves Gaeko, Hyukoh, Primary, Crucial Star, Vasco, Madclown, Brother Su, Jay Park, D.ear, Dean, and Lucia. So very good taste in music.

Stephanie: SaraG Approved?


MollyInKdramaland: Okay – IM is adorable. I’m still stuck on the fact that he bites. 😍 I love that.

Stephanie: Actually, I was able to start picking him out this week, sometimes even first while doing tests. It was a surprise for me. Considering when we started I didn’t really know there WAS an IM.

MollyInKdramaland: You go, girl!

SaraG: He’s admitted that he was the most nervous he’s ever been when he performed TVXQ’s Mirotic.

SaraG: Even more so than on No Mercy. He’s got some famous best friends….I.M is close with fellow idols Up10tion’s Bit-to, Seventeen’s Wonwoo, Halo’s Yoondong, Wassup’s Sujin, BOYS24’s Jihyeong and Sungho, and GOT7’s Bambam and Youngjae.

MollyInKdramaland: Cute!

Stephanie: Good lord, a bunch of those bands I’ve barely even heard of before.


SaraG: Who’s in that gif??? It’s a challenge question.

Stephanie: IM! Oh wait. Probably should have done that elsewhere. 😉

SaraG: Do it here.

Stephanie: IM! He’s the waving one.

SaraG: AND?

Stephanie: Jeonghan

SaraG: Nope

Stephanie: Floppy bowtie, in the back.

SaraG: Wonwoo… it’s Wonwoo.

Stephanie: It’s former longhair from Seventeen! That’s how I know him.

MollyInKdramaland: Jeonghan?

SaraG: Sigh. He’s in the background. The STARS OF THE GIF ARE IM AND WONWOO. Jeeze.

MollyInKdramaland: 😆

Stephanie: I wanted to get extra extra bonus points….and drive you just a little bit crazy. Win. Win.

SaraG: SIGH.

Stephanie: Hey. Every class needs to have a troublemaker.

SaraG: TEST:

Stephanie: Our last test!!!!

MollyInKdramaland: Yeesh… hard one.


SaraG: And finally…

SaraG: So that’s MX guys…hope you feel better about them!

Stephanie: You mean you hope we love them more and won’t embarrass you or this school when we see them

SaraG: Pretty much exactly.


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