I Am So A Loco

Posted by Stephanie on August 8, 2018


Unless you have been following along on the podcast, you are probably unaware of my newest obsession. (And for the first time for an entire week straight, I’m not referring to my new found love of Monsta X. Monbebe4Life!) I’m talking about the absolutely adorable variety show, It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets. Have you seen it? This will go one of two ways, you answer yes, go ahead, proceed with squeeing with me, answer no, and I’m going to order you to go watch at least the first episode and come back so you might join the squeeing.

You know, unless you don’t like cozy and adorable, then…you do you, Boo. 

Throughout this variety show, where you legit just sit there watching varying groups of single Korean men of various ages and various levels of stardom who all identify with being homebodies stay together in various degrees of introverted awkward, I can’t help but sit back and wonder, why do I like this show so much? Then I remember.


For real, I am their ideal demographic as I’m so introverted and awkward around other people, it’s delightful to see it in others. Though, actually, it’s not like all of them are actually introverted, sometimes even outwardly mobile people just prefer to stay home, luring all their friends to gather around them. Not kidding, one guy in the show brings a giant box, you THINK is full of his clothes for the stay (making you wonder why he can’t afford a suitcase) only to realize, the box is actually filled with various games he loves and hopes the others would want to play with him.

See? How can you not like this show? How??

I was talked into watching this show during my recent trip to the east coast (thanks for bearing with me during all these trips and now that the moving is complete, I’ll be back here on the regular!) I was given a mission to introduce friend of the site, Regina, to various singers and groups on SaraG’s “you like this? Well, then you have to try this” list. One morning, with Loco playing on the TV in the background, Regina was all “Hey….this guy looks familiar….wait! He’s on It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets!” She then proceeded to try to explain this ridiculous show,  then realized she had a captive audience and made me sit down and watch the first episode.

All praise Regina.

Anyway, while watching this show with it’s various homebodies, I came to the very real realization that inside? I actually AM Loco.

No kidding. Watching him and all his neuroses hanging out there for all to see, I realize just how similar we are and it tickles me pink. He obsesses over what he considers his flaws while endlessly pointing them out for others to weigh in on. His awkward movements when he thinks others aren’t watching. How, whenever he is nervous, he endlessly drinks water just to have something to do.  His hesitancy to interact with others, but his need to have those people he likes around him (like when he tries to convince Minseok to go to the jade mine with him instead of the monastery with everyone else), his creepy lurking.

It is like looking in a mother flipping mirror and, instead of it irritating or freaking me out, I find myself completely amused. I’m sure it’s probably the same for others who watch. Makes me think of the days of Sex in the City, when you’d say which character you identified with. Oh, I’m such a Charlotte. Oh, I’m totally a Miranda.

So which member of It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets member are you? I am soooooo Loco.

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