You Can So My Ji Sub Anytime

Posted by Stephanie on August 8, 2018


I don’t know guys, give me a break, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done this and my wit is rusty… However, now that the move is done and I can actually pay attention to things outside of “Ack! Where am I going to live??” and “Holy shirtballs, I’ve broken my computer again” I’m trying to catch up on what I’ve missed. Which apparently, is a lot. (Makes sense as Kdrama casting news waits for no fan, no matter how harried they might be.) The news I’m most excited about (so far as, like I said, there is a lot I’ve missed) is the fact that So Ji Sub is coming back to dramas!


If I’m not mistaken his last drama was Oh My Venus and I don’t think it’s any stretch to say that was years ago. It’s time for him to come back. (Some might say it’s past time for him to come back, but that would be rude and what if he were to somehow google himself, find the post, translate it into Korean and found out we were saying mean things about him? He’d be sad. Do you want to be responsible for making So Ji Sub sad? I certainly don’t.)

Anyway, not only is he coming back to TV, he’s coming back to a show called Terius Behind Me (I’m sure at some point we’ll find out exactly what that means) which, if I might say so, sounds delightful. A single mom lives next door to a handsome black ops agent. What can only be sexy hijinks ensue.

So wait. You’re telling me, not only do we get So Ji Sub but we get a mysterious sexy secret agent So Ji Sub??? Apparently, we were very good Kdrama fans this year. (Or at least you were, I admittedly haven’t been, so I thank you for picking up my slack.) I’m pretty excited about this show. For some reason, and I’m really embarrassed to admit this, but it reminds me of a show I used to be hooked on when I was a kid, Scarecrow and Mrs. King? Do you remember that show? There was a time reruns would play at 4 in the afternoon and my brothers and I would sit down everyday to watch the single mom turned reluctant agent and her even more reluctant agent partner. Oh, how devastated was I when they changed the schedule and put it on after my bedtime. I guess I’ll never know if those two crazy kids made it. (Note to self, check youtube for illicit copies of Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (Second note to self, do NOT do that, you don’t need to fall down another non-K-related rabbit hole.)

While I’m sure this show will probably be nothing like that one, I’m not going to hold my expectations against it, but what I will do is put those expectations to good use and make myself the drama out when it’s released. (Which is unfortunately not until September, so we have time.)

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