100 Days Of Uhoh

Posted by Stephanie on August 14, 2018


D.O. is almost here! In drama form, that is. Sorry to disappoint otherwise but who are we kidding, when we think D.O. aren’t most of us thinking actor D.O. at this point? I mean, sure, he’s kick ass in EXO, but I think his skills as an actor? Kick assier. This is why I find myself actually looking forward to the upcoming 100 Days My Prince.

Despite the fact that it’s a saeguk and will, with most probability end in tears.

Come on, we all know it’s going to happen, right? There is only one drama in my memory where a love story like this comes out with anyone in the royal family, anyone connected to the royal family with a happy ending. (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds being that one exception.) So why would we fall for it every time?

The signs are all there at the start of this drama. Let’s take the title 100 Days My Prince. What my, albeit, cynical brain says when I read this? He’s her prince for 100 days because once he gets his memory back (as this is also an amnesia story) and he has to go back to being a prince, he’s not going to be able to take her with him. Only 100 Days My Prince, Then He Tearfully Dumps My Ass But At Least I Don’t Get Assassinated was probably another title they contemplated.

She’s the oldest single woman in her town and therefore (by a law that he created) legally has to wed. Does this mean she’s older than him? From the pictures, it doesn’t look it, but then again, back in the old days, a woman’s worth really was settled on those early fertile years so she probably doesn’t have to be that old to be considered ‘on the shelf’. Strike one against her in terms of keeping that prince. Since marriages are/were so political, would that team of factions (pulling these terms out of my old-old memory box Neurons? Saurons?) who had to essentially beat out the other side for any business to get done allow their heir, their position go to someone so lowly? Perhaps the title should have been 100 Days My Prince, Oh Shit I’m Totally Going to Be Secretly Murdered.

Finally, turns out she’s actually the Joseon version of a private detective. Oh, the intrigues this show is going get into. I’m guessing she’ll get roped into a big case that will, of course, include the king in some way. On the other hand, I love the idea of the prince just bumbling around, helping her solve cases because he’s unexpectedly super smart (I mean for her unexpectedly, he’s king and from the pics and promos seems pretty on it king-wise.) But again, there comes the pesky memory return! Even now private investigators are not given any respect in Korea. (Remember Mad Dog?) I can’t imagine a woman in Joseon times, being an investigator will be any more accepted. Would a country accept such a woman as Queen? This title could have been 100 Days My Prince, Then Get Out Because I’m A Badass.

Of course, the other premise of the show might be what saves us here. A built-in way out you might say. In order to save the country from a terrible drought, the king enacts that very rule that women (and men) of a marriageable age must…do the deed. If these two get married for that reason and then the rain comes? How could they be broken up without fear of the drought coming back? 100 Days My Prince, You Like Hydration? Then Let Me Keep My Boo.

With all of these options up in the air, this might be one, as much as I like D.O., where I wait for the end, let you guys test the water, see if you cry, have you report back. Is this fair? Probably not. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

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