Adventures in Korean Beauty: Hair Pudding

Posted by Stephanie on August 16, 2018


On one of our recent visits to LA’s Koreatown, where we inevitably found ourselves shopping the two Korean malls, stocking up on Kpop, skin masks, and patbingsu, on a whim, I picked up a package of Hair Pudding. What is Hair Pudding you ask? Here you go:

Hair color. You mix it until it turns into some sort of a pudding, smear it over your head, and hope for the best. We could probably tell you more, but the instructions, turns out, were completely in Korean….soooo we winged it! Figuring it was hair, and what the hell, I gave it a try with the help of the always game, LizC. Now, in case you decide to pick yourself up some hair pudding (or probably more you decide to order it from Amazon), here are some handy step by step instructions so you don’t have to go through what we went through!

Step 1: Do not be afraid as your friend wantonly strips your original color from your hair in ever increasing chunks.

Breathe. Its hair. It will grow back.

Step 2: Open the packaging and see what you’re actually working with.

Step 3: Squee at how cute it all is.

Step 4: Open instructions, realize they are all in Korean, begin to doubt the whole crazy plan as you try to figure out the instructions by the surprisingly unhelpful diagrams.

Step 5: Choose to ignore those obvious warning signs. Can’t be too serious, right?

Step 6: Try to figure out what exactly some of the products are. Bonding hair pack?

Tiny-tiny shower caps which would probably only fit Barbie?

Step 7: Mix brown container and the white container into the other white container and hope for the best.

Step 8: Shake.

Step 9: Shake some more.

Step 10: Wonder if you’re shaking enough. Does it sound like pudding yet?

Step 11: Wish you’d bought actual pudding to eat.

Step 12: Inspect “pudding”

Step 13: Realize you no longer want to eat pudding.

Step 14: DO NOT PANIC. Hair grows back right?

Step 15: Apply liberally to hair.

Step 16: Not a step so much as a comment. Turns out the tiny haircaps?

Ear Caps. Delightful. Worth the entire price of the product for the laughs. It also came with a tiny plastic cape (think plastic bag with a space for your head). DE-lightful.

Step 17: Go to Good Times for a burger.

I know this step seems weird, but trust us, it has to do with the chemicals or setting process. I could explain it better but the instructions were in Korean.

Step 18: Rush back to the house as you’ve realized just how long you’ve left the hair pudding in.

Step 19: Rinse.

Step 20: Do not regret what you’ve done, it’s too late, you’ve done the deed, time to live with the consequences. Which, turns out? Not bad

Verdict. Hair pudding was pretty easy to use, didn’t really burn my head (until that moment I realized I left it in for too long) and blended pretty well with the brownish red-blond hair I already had on my head. The color was supposed to be a cranberry wine and I guess, for the most part, it was, the stripped parts turning out more of a lavender. And remember when I said, don’t worry, it’s hair, it will grow back? You seriously don’t actually need to worry about it, this hair color is fairly temporary, fading with every wash. I want to say it lasted a month, but even that would be generous. Probably about a solid week – week and a half for the main color but as it faded, I liked what it turned into even more, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

Would I try it again? Definitely. It was totally worth it just for the laughs.


  • Reply SpiceAngel August 18, 2018 at 10:29 pm

    Looking good!! Did Liz do her hair also???

    Can’t go wrong with Cranberry Wine 🙂

    I actually saw this product at your South Hmart when Mr SpiceAngel and I were buying snacks for our visit. I should have picked some up!!!

    • Reply Stephanie August 19, 2018 at 10:24 pm

      It’s super easy to use and nothing to worry about considering how quickly it washes out. You change your mind, they are sold on Amazon 😉

      • Reply Stephanie August 19, 2018 at 10:32 pm

        Oh, and yes, Liz did her hair with the green! Hers lasted more than mine did and was like a nice conditioning dye.

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