Won’t You Be My Tutor?

Posted by Stephanie on August 21, 2018

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There are just some things you know about yourselves. One of the things I know about me is, as much as I try to learn something on my own, it really doesn’t happen. While I want to learn Korean, yeah, unless I find a teacher for myself, studying from a book is just not going to do it for me. So…I found one for myself. Next month I and the entire Colorado faction of the Kpop Nerd Herd start Korean classes. Woot!

As happy as this made me, as excited as I am, I can’t help but feel a little let down that my Korean tutor will never be Vernon from Seventeen…

Random, right? Not so much! Apparently, there is an upcoming variety show, One Day, A Tutor Came to My Room, where various celebrities agree to tutor regular people in various subjects. Doesn’t the idea just make your brain go ooohhhh…. imagining all of the possibilities? Just what Korean celebrity would you like to be your tutor? What would they teach you?

Although, something tells me I know what many of your answers would be you dirty birds.

In this Mnet show, they have Vernon from Seventeen, Hongseok from Pentagon, Luda from Cosmic Girls, Microdot (a rapper) and Don Spike (a composer). While I haven’t found out what the others are teaching we do know that Vernon will be teaching his pupil English. This makes me SO EXCITED. I was legit just telling SaraG of my growing soft spot for Vernon. As I love hearing him speak English (he has this way of being uncomfortable at first, but then he slips into it, sounding more and more American as he gets into it) I couldn’t wait to watch this teaser where he asks for help from his dad (who used to own an English academy).

Heh. The tutor is getting advice on how to tutor.

I’m really hoping they choose to sub this show. I’ve been into variety lately and this is hitting me all in the right places. Add onto that Vernon and Hongseok? Yep, I’m really crossing my fingers this gets subbed somewhere. MNet stuff usually does, right? (Choose your answer wisely my friend.) We’re going to find out soon as this show premieres this week, August 23rd! If you find it subbed, hit me up!

Yay, Vernon!

Yay, Korean classes!

Yay, more fun things to add to the TBW List!

….you know, because that’s not long enough.

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