Zombies On A Train 2: Even Trainier

Posted by Stephanie on August 23, 2018


Well, there’s some news that made me sit up and go ‘huh’. For real, when I came across a video posted on FB, I kept waiting for the punch line, as I didn’t think it could be real, but slowly the truth dawned on me…. Train To Busan is getting a sequel. 

Now, I can understand why they would want to do a sequel, the movie was huge. So huge even a random internet news guy I listen to on Youtube keeps recommends it whenever he can. (Don’t you love it when bits of your worlds collide?) It made the studio, I’m sure, butt-tons of money, and storywise, it actually got a lot of great, well-deserved kudos.

But making a sequel for Zombies on a Train?

First off, it was surprising as the movie is now, like two years old. It’s interesting that we haven’t heard rumbles about this until now. You’d think they’d want to shout that stuff from the rooftops “Don’t forget about us, we’re coming back!”

Secondly, no offense to the kid and the pregnant lady, but all of the people I was interested in died in the first movie. Trying hard not to spoiler here, but seriously, if you haven’t seen Train to Busan, do yourself a favor and watch it, yes, it has zombies, yes, you are going to be scared, yes, you’re probably going to cry, but it’s really well written and the acting is top notch.

Anyway, yeah, amazing story, great characters, but all the ones I really liked, would not be coming back for round two. However, turns out, it’s actually not going to be Train to Busan 2, it’s more going to be a movie within the world. Stories of what was happening in other parts of Korea while our train with Gong Yoo was desperately trying to make it to Busan.

I wonder if this will work. Yes, the writing was top notch, but wasn’t part of the lure (besides Gong Yoo) was the twist of the train? Isn’t that something that something that made it stand out from its zombie competitors? And you know what? Let’s not put Gong Yoo in the parentheses. He, his lure and skill as an actor was what got me to take a second look at a zombie movie — even if something is written in the same world but is different with different actors — would I be as interested?

Yes, there’s a lot of stories to tell here the world was going forward, even less protected than the people on that train but I’m just not sure, if you take the train out of it, it’s not just any other zombie movie. Which is fine. People love zombie movies. It just seems a little like a cheat to have it riding the back of Train to Busan.

Unless you find some way to bring back Gong Yoo. Then I’m all in again. Who am I kidding? Despite the side eye, I give it? I’ll probably watch this movie because I’m a glutton for punishment who apparently loves having the cold bejeezus scared out of her.

(I’d show you the video I watched but due to dumb algorithms, when I went to go find it again, I it wasn’t showing up on my feed and I couldn’t remember who posted it. Hrm. You’re just going to have to trust me when I say I saw it with my own eyes.)


  • Reply jlad December 17, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    OMG what if they found a way to bring zombies back to human form and so they could bring gong yoo back into the movie by making zombie gong yoo back into his old self

    • Reply Stephanie December 17, 2018 at 11:05 pm

      I SUPER approve this comment and now cross my fingers that it’s a thing.

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