Posted by Stephanie on August 28, 2018

Casting News

IT’S HAPPENING GUYS! For real, it’s really happening! After what seems like, for reals, years of teasing, mumbles, and innuendo, we have confirmation! What has my fangirl panties in a twist, you ask? Boo-yeah, God’s Quiz is coming back!

Not only is God’s Quiz coming back, but God’s Quiz is coming back with Ryu Deuk Hwan.

I think I’ve said this on the podcast, but I was a little concerned there for a while. There was so much talk about the show, about trying to get him back, it made me step back and think “Could they really do God’s Quiz without Dr. Han?” Unfortunately, the answer to this would be, sure, they wouldn’t even have to recast the role. As we know from previous seasons, since Dr. Han got his super smarts in part from illegal drug testing on him, and we know they tested it on others as well, the drama could easily be reimagined with another super smart character as the lead.

Of course, I’m not sure if I’d watch in protest. #NotMyDrHan

Luckily, we don’t have to pick up our protest hashtags, nope Ryu Deuk Hwan has resigned for the upcoming season 5 of God’s Quiz. Though, it seems as though even the writers/producers seem to think they could take the show in the other direction and the season is officially called: God’s Quiz 5: Reboot. On the one hand, I’m glad they’re trying to bring new life to the series, but on the other hand, they left Dr. Han in a pretty precarious position, on the run from the law. (Again.) It seems the show starts with him living all incognito like in a rural village where a bunch of people start turning up dead, which means from there the story seems to pick up from where we left him, so I’m wondering where the reboot will come in.

This is not the only interesting information we have on the God’s Quiz horizon. Word on the K-Street is that Kim Jae Won is in talks to be joining the show as well. It’s been years since I’ve watched Kim Jae Won in anything, but I’m looking forward to seeing him on the screen again. There is no word as to what sort of character he’s going to play, but God’s Quiz being what it is (or was) I’m guessing he’s going to be this season’s Big Baddie. Which is cool by me.

Now just to wait until November for the show to start! Fingers crossed Dr. Han is just as sassy as he was in previous seasons. Though, if he’s not, I’ll sadly understand. This guy has been through a lot in 4 seasons. If anyone has reason to be grumpy–it would probably be him.

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