Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Kpop Synchronicity

Posted by SaraG on August 30, 2018


Though I’m not a particularly spiritual person, I firmly believe that things kind of pop up when they’re meant to…I really think that synchronicity is a thing. This is particularly applicable for this week because of how obsessive many of us get when we feel the first blush of love for an idol or actor. We like to consume as much content as possible and learn everything we can about the person so that we can feed whatever hole they’ve carved into our hearts, but also so we can do our small part to support them in their past, current, and future careers. Plus, it’s fun.

It’s no secret that most if not all of the Nerd Herd are fans of BAP and in particular, Bang Yongguk. We have all spent hours or days watching as much material as we could related to these fine group of singers and rappers and their leader…be it their major releases, solo projects, mixtapes, and so on. I would have ventured to guess that I have seen almost everything they’ve done that you can still get your hands on. Learning that Bang has ended his affiliation with the company and, subsequently, BAP wasn’t a surprise, but it was a little painful for those of us that have loved them together for so long.

As you have read on the blog in the past, Highlight is a group that I’ve always worshipped from afar…meaning, I’ve loved many, many of their songs and accidentally learned most of the members, but I’ve never considered them one of my priorities. Which is dumb when you account for how many times I’ve listened to some of their albums. Because Alix started watching Let’s Eat 3 and has always had a deep connection with DooJoon, the news of the drama being cut short because of his mandatory military service sparked in her a driving need to consume everything Highlight. Which meant that I started watching. Which meant that several important revelations happened…one being that I’ve secretly (a secret to even myself) been harboring strong feelings for Yang Yoseob. Like, really strong. Who knew.

The synchronicity is coming…hang in there.

Finally, for the eight weeks that many of my pals were simulcasting What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, I heard over and over and over how much I would love the show. So I’ve finally started it and freely admit, they were right. I love, love, love the main couple. Park Seo Joon is an actor that has never let me down and almost twelve episodes in, his streak continues. He is talented, hardworking, and beautiful and I feel like he’s always been those things.

Now here’s where these seemingly unrelated things come together…in 2011, seven years ago, Bang Yongguk put out a single called I Remember featuring Yang Yoseob doing the vocals. It’s Bangs signature rap paired with Yoseob’s power vocals…I mean, come on, that’s perfect. And the video? Basically, a straight up tragic movie starring a super young, super angry, super in love Park Seo Joon. The only thing missing is Yoseob’s presence in the actual footage. His voice is there but…

Seriously, how have I never seen this before? How was this missing from my life? Thank all that is good in the world that Alix fell down this hole and thought to send us the link. Our lives have all come together with this glimpse at a deeper meaning.

I Remember, Bang Yongguk (ft. Yang Yoseob of Highlight)

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