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Posted by Stephanie on August 31, 2018


It’s here guys! Just last week we (mostly me) were squeeing over the upcoming variety show where various random celebrities tutor the unsuspecting public in various and random topics. Me? I was most excited for a little Vernon action, as I’ve found myself having a softer and gooier soft spot for him. Well, Unlike many of the things we talk about here, this show literally was right around the corner with the first episode premiering this week. I’d wondered if MNET was going to sub it and, good news, they did! Bad news in chunks.

I’ve decided not to take this as an aww-shucks moment though. Really, these people have done me a service! Instead of having to fast forward through all the stuff I don’t want to see (mainly the other tutors) they’ve cut this down for me in small, Vernon sized chunks. Wahoo, MNET!

So, I thought we may want to take a look together! Are we ready for the first episode? Let’s do this!

Meet the Tutor

Awwww… English is his first language? His mom doesn’t speak Korean? They a call him the Korean DiCaprio? Dude. Now I can see it. We saw this clip in the teaser, so let me just say, it really adds something when you can actually understand what is being said. Also? His sister looks adorable. I love how he’s taking this so seriously. I’m not sure who the gallery of watchers are, or even why they are necessary. Wasn’t it the same for We Got Married? Side note, is We Got Married still a thing?

Meet the Parents

Okay, so here we meet the girl he’s going to tutor, Esther’s Parents and find out a little bit more about her/them. It’s cute and the girl and the family seem super relatable.

Parents Meet Tutor

HAHAHHAHAHA The parents trying to suss him out? Trying to pronounce his name? That’s not your real name, right? Although it was news to me, I thought his name was Hansol. Unless, he chose his Korean name later and is like, nope, my parents named me this ON PURPOSE. It’s also interesting to see the inside of a normal Korean family house. Something different than what we see on the other ‘star’ variety or the dramas.

Teacher meets Student

When she died? Yeah. I can totally relate. “He was like my own little fairy” I can’t say I would do any better if I just wandered into my house and found Vernon sitting there. She may have actually done better than me….but that’s because my room is much messier. I wonder, what happened to her friends? If she’s any fan, she’d be all….hey guys….get out.


Vernon Teacher! He’s not awkward at all. He kind of has this deer stuck in the headlights sort of look, almost a, “I’m also super embarrassed, and I have no idea how to deal with it” look. That is a room filled with embarrassment and Vernon love. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she actually had some Vernon swag going on in her room—like a giant poster that just looked down on them as he tried to teach her?

Tutor Evaluates Student


Could you imagine having to show your bias your report card? Or. Could you imagine your report card being broadcast to the entire country? Yeah…me neither. But Vernon manages to continue to be delightful and alluring (to me, not in a creepy way on his student). I just love looking at the expressions on his face when she’s not in the room, or when she’s not looking at him. Or when she is in the room. Or when she is looking at him. Sigh.

Pop Quiz!

You know what’s worse than having to show your crush your report card? Yeah, that would be having your crush give you a pop quiz in what is your worst subject. (Sorry Esther we all saw the 17 you got on your report card.) I know she’s really bad at English, but how can she be expected to give coherent answers when your tutor is Vernon?

Wait. HAHAHAHA, She got a 17 on her report card? Her tutor is from Seventeen? Coincidence? Perfect.

R and L

And the pop quiz torture continues! Poor, poor girl. And The R vs L? Was just so cute. I feel you girl! I can not for the life of me roll my tongue. Also, since the super awesome case of Bells Palsey I had last year, there are just some things my tongue won’t do anymore, so I understand her pain. I’m really starting to root for her….and not just so Vernon can be validated as a good tutor.

Results are in!

Mom: There’s some wild English speaker in there with my daughter, I must go in and find out what’s going on! He was super sweet to cover for her like that. You can tell, on the inside the girl is like… Mom. Get out before I murder you in your sleep. I’m a teenager. I’ll do it. I can’t help but wonder if Vernon telling you “you have the skill level of an elementary school kid” makes the whole thing worse or better. I mean, he’s smiling, so it can’t be all bad right? But he is telling you you’re pretty awful, so that’s hard to live through. Unfortunately, that table is just not big enough to hide under…

Quizzing the tutor

You have to speak for 20 minutes in English, but you can ask me whatever you want, sooo… That is actually really brilliant on his part. She wants to talk to him, cool, but it will have to be in English. I’m sure if we had a tutor like this, we’d be spending all of our spare time studying. Though, I’m struggling here to figure out who is more adorable. Help Me, Please! (Also, the Bobby, Go song was a nice addition.)


And there’s a catch! Oooh also smart! She doesn’t pass the next test, and by pass, we’re talking they can’t get under 90, he can’t be her tutor anymore. Oh, that’s hardcore! I could see like a 70 or an 80, but a 90, that’s going to be a hard one! I really hope that she’s able to pull it off! As I said before, yeah, if it were me, I’d be studying every second!

This show really is just too cute and is so much fun to watch, I can’t wait for the next episode! Go, Esther!

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