Khottie of the Week: Choi Jin Hyuk

Posted by Alix on September 9, 2018

Khottie of the Week

I’m supposed to be doing my Korean homework right now but I’m at SaraG’s and I somehow forgot the textbook at home so instead I’m writing khottie as I listen to SaraG practice her vocabulary. We had agreed if we both got our homework done today we could watch the first episode of Choi Jin Hyuk’s new drama. Nothing like a good reward to overcome procrastination.

I haven’t seen a lot of Choi Jin Hyuk’s dramas but the ones I have seen I’ve quite enjoyed. He’s probably best known for being the B-lead in Heirs (one of his I haven’t seen) but I’ve particularly enjoyed him in Fated to Love You and Emergency Couple. He had entered the army in March 2015 but due to a knee injury was discharged after seven months and has been relatively quiet until staring in Tunnel at the end of 2017.

Both SaraG and I are quite happy to have him back.

He’s 32 and quite tall. 

He has the most amazing deep voice so go watch his dramas.

And when he smiles…

He’s done some modeling as well. 

Seems to like hiking.

And babies. 

The Heirs focused Running Man episode is hilarious and one of the first I ever watched. This is not from that episode but…

He really looks good in any look.


And cute…

And because one pout isn’t enough. 

But seriously, go watch one (or all of his dramas). 

You can find him on Instagram @real_jinhyuk. 












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