Musical Monday – The Trick is on Me

Posted by SaraG on September 10, 2018


It’s no secret that I like to watch variety. Shows like Running Man and Weekly Idol are not just good tools to learn different idols and actors, they are incredibly entertaining. That being said, not all variety is created equally. I’ve learned through experience that I don’t particularly enjoy the variety geared toward an international audience. I know I’m not the target demographic, that’s really the younger set, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to throw on a show and turn off the subtitles or focus on the chore I’m supposed to be doing with background noise I can understand. I watch these shows sparingly and really only when there’s a guest I can’t miss.

After School Club is one of those shows. I do love the intent of it and I think they are all, hosts and guests alike, working really hard to make a real connection with fans from around the world. It’s just not my style. Park Jimin, the winner of Kpop Star and member of 15& is the lady host of the program and has grown into her role as the facilitator of the entire process, guiding the guests and males hosts fairly artfully. I wasn’t sure about her at first, but I’ve grown to appreciate how she navigates her life as a ‘supposed to be perfect’ idol and her reality as a person working hard to put on a good show. I, haven’t, however, ever taken the time to check out her music.

Lame, I know.

Earlier this week, Jimin put out a solo EP called jiminxjamie so named because her Korean name is Jimin and her name while living abroad was Jamie…two sides of the same person. The EP is fantastic and the title song, April Fools is one of my favorite things to happen this week. Her vocals are powerful and her styling is kind of nineties hip-hop fantastic. The actual MV is quite the dark comedy. She’s angry with her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend and he’s trying to, for better or worse, win her back. Accidents happen and she kind of Weekend at Bernie’s her way through her birthday, friends doing the deed on her bed included. We’ve all been there.

Predictable twist at the end, but I love it.

April Fools, Park Jimin

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