The Creation of an Anti-Fan

Posted by Stephanie on September 13, 2018


Thou shalt not post in anger, Stephanie. THOU SHALT NOT POST IN ANGER.

Fuck that.

As I’m sure you’ve read, or are about to read, Hyuna and E’Dawn have been removed from their management company, Cube. To this news, I say What. The. Fuck. (Sorry guys, I usually try not to swear, but I’m pretty angry and frustrated right now and…well, I lived in New Jersey for a long time, swearing is just part of the vernacular there.)

If you’re not a huge follower of Kpop and don’t know what’s going on, let’s fill you in. It was revealed last month during the promotions for Triple H that Hyun and E’dawn not only have been dating but have been dating for two years now. It was revealed in one of those “we really want to tell you and hate that we weren’t able to tell you before” posts. IE, news was about the break and they tried to get ahead of the curve. You know, the usual. Also, per the usual, some Korean fans freaked the fuck out. As they were mid promotion, shows backed out of having them on, fan meets were canceled, ect. Again, unfortunately, the usual. Of course, not because they were dating…no…it was because the truth was kept from the fans.

Fudge that. 

Of course, these artists are forced to hide their relationships! Why? Because every single time it comes out that someone is dating, something like this happens. “Fans” get their panties in a twist, boycott the band, the fan cafes, demand the companies remove the ‘offending’ parties. Dude. Get ahold of yourselves. Why is it any of your FREAKING business if these people are…doing business with anyone be it another idol, another person from their company, hellz bellz another member of their own group? It’s not. Why would you even assume that someone in their early-mid-even late twenties was not dating? Wouldn’t it be weirder if they weren’t? In the immortal words of SaraG “They make better music if they’re banging”.

I’ve gotten off course. So, a while later, Cube announced they were pulling E’Dawn from active duty. That was irritating. Then they announced that he wasn’t going to be in the new Pentagon release. What the? How can you have Pentagon without E’dawn? This group are these incredibly interesting, unique parts that make up a whole. Part of the charm of Pentagon, for me at least, is the fact that they are essentially a group of underdogs, people who had chance after chance and couldn’t make it work in other places, and yet still kept trying until they found the right fit, the right group of guys. Which to me was Pentagon.

Honestly, the whole thing threw me. It made me second guess not only my love of Pentagon, but also to my love of Kpop as a whole. Disillusioned, is probably the best word. We all know, or part of us acknowledges that Kpop is manufactured. That these groups don’t choose themselves, that while now they are “allowed” to have more of a creative word in the music they create, it’s still the agency who is still very much in control. The idea that someone could be just…removed from a group because of something so arbitrary, something that non-international fans seem to have more control, more influence over, makes me feel frustrated, unappreciated and disheartened. Do I really want to put my heart, my fandom, my money towards something that can be gone at a whim? Makes me even feel a little silly for even caring so hard.

I had to step back, it was the only thing I could think of to do to stop my disillusionment from spinning out of control to taking me in a place I didn’t want to go to, away from Kpop. So I did the only thing I could do. I distanced myself from Pentagon. There were others who said that they need us, that the group was hurting too and it wasn’t fair to turn my back on them. That he would be back if we just waited. And in my heart, I was certain that was true. It happens all the time, a person steps away for some scandal or another, waits for everything to die down and then eases back in. But for me, I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t that I didn’t love Pentagon anymore. Jinho, Hui, Yuto-da, Yanan, ect. My summer was filled with Shine. I bought TWO extra tickets for KCon so I could get a closer seat just to see them. It’s not like these things didn’t happen. For me though, I had to cut off the arm to stop the infection. To make sure that my love of Kpop withstood this. At least until he came back.

Today though? Today we learned it’s not going to happen. Today we found out Cube announced E’dawn and Hyuna have been let go. “Because they can’t recover the faith they had in the two artists.”  Yeah, well….fuck you. I’m pretty sure that sums up what I’m feeling right now. You may have a contract with them. It’s a give and take. They are an artist, they need a company to make money. You’re a company who needs to have artists to make the money. You don’t own them as people. What they do in their off time is what they choose to do in their off time. I’m sure if they were doing something illegal or immoral that would be another thing, but they were dating. That’s it. Sure you announced to everyone that they weren’t dating. Then they announced they were. Wires were crossed. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Your stock took a dive? Perhaps it has to do with you and how you chose to go forward with this. I know I’ve certainly lost respect for you.

I hope Pentagon slowly decides not to re-sign with you. I hope all of your artists now realize you don’t have their backs. I hope no hopeful up and comer joins your company. I hope your stocks continue to take a dive. I hope E’dawn and Hyuna are snatched up by other companies. I hope they don’t blame themselves for this. I hope they realize that they’re just victims of a shitty system.

I hope my love of Kpop can make it through this.

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