Throwback (Musical) Thursday – And Other Good Breakfast Foods

Posted by SaraG on September 13, 2018


I have fallen down a deep and twisted hole of already completed music survival shows. I’m like Alice in Kpopland where the styling and songs are all familiar but slightly different and I know the outcome because I keep waking up to the latest releases by the project groups made up of the top 9, 10, or 11 participants. I started Produce 101 Season 2 with KpopontheDL to become more familiar with the range of new or up and coming idols (read: so I can oggle Jeong Sewoon pre-debut). I am painfully invested in a few of the trainees that I KNOW don’t make it to Wanna One and I’ve gotten a bit annoyed with a couple who I’d originally thought were pretty delightful. The risks of reality TV and crafty editing I suppose.

But because I was super greedy last weekend, and I watched ahead, I had to start The Unit this weekend for a similar fix and to leave time for someone to catch up. I say similar fix, but really, it’s fairly different in that these are not new trainees, they’re full grown idols that have, in one way or another, been deemed unsuccessful, needing a reboot…in Korea. Seriously, many of these so-called failures are some of my favorites (IMFACT) and it’s fairly painful to be watching just how dejected they felt when they chose to/were made to audition for this show. There are also groups whom I’ve enjoyed thoroughly when I hear them, but for some reason, which is why they’re on the show I presume, I haven’t connected with them.

One of these groups, one that I honestly want to fall in love with more (because love CAN be a choice), is HOTSHOT. They actually cut across both of these survival shows with two members appearing on Produce 101 Season 2 and one actually making it into Wanna One and the other being included in the fan group JBJ. Two other members participated in The Unit with one making into UNB and the other missing out by only one position. What this tells me is that at least four of the six members of this group are insanely talented. I’m willing to bet they all are.

Anyway, there is a HOTSHOT song that I’ve loved from the moment of its release. Jelly came out in the summer of 2017 after Sungwoon had started promotions with Wanna One. It’s kind of a fun up and down dance song. Something about it is super catchy…I sing along, I bob my head, I even love the silly, synthetic ‘Jelly’ in the chorus. The video is dark with fairly simple styling. Timoteo’s shoulders fill up the screen the requisite number of times, and the choreo is solid. I actually put this song on a lot of intro to Kpop playlists for folks. It’s pop at its purest.


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    What was the difference between The Unit and Produce 101?

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