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Posted by Stephanie on September 16, 2018


As you probably know, last weekend, several members of the Kpop Nerd Herd found their way to LA once again, this time to go to the BTS concert (more on that in another post). One thing we all wanted to do while we were out there since we were there for BTS, was to visit the BT21 Line Store pop up!

If you’re a fan of BTS, you probably know what BT21 is, but if you don’t, it’s a group of characters drawn by BTS that BigHit, working with Line Store, that has been turned into a whole line of merch. Super cute, addictive merch that has it’s own Instagram with cartoons and little videos:


The characters are Koya (Namjoon)


RJ (Jin)

Shooky (Yoongi)

Mang (Hoseok)



Tata (Taehyung)


Kookie (Jungkook)

Plus there is a character which represents ARMY named Van. 

Aren’t they cute? Of course, they are. Did we want to go when we found out the popup in Hollywood would be open while we were there for BTS? Of course, we did! Were we leery of the giant lines that were sure to be there with so many BTS fans convened in town at one time? Of course, we were! Luckily, Alix had a plan. If we got there right when the doors opened, or, preferably before the doors opened, we should be able to get in there without being packed to the gills.

Turns out, this was a very good plan.

So we all bundled into the car, pretty much on time (for us an incredible feat, considering we are 5 grown women on vacation, some of us fighting jet lag) and headed to the heart of Hollywood. (This is not an exaggeration, turns out the store is right on the walk of fame, across the street from where they hold the Oscars, diagonally across the street from the Chinese Theater — it doesn’t get more Hollywood than that.

Though we had our plan in place, we were actually surprised to find the store not filled to the brim with BTS fans. It was busy, but not as packed as we had anticipated. What did meet our expectations though? Was just how cute the store and all its products were. Seriously, cuteness factor was at a premium here. We were met by giant versions of the characters, perfect for picture taking:

The store itself was split in half, one half being the BT21 product and the other half of all Line products. Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you which half of the store was busiest…

Now, as a lady on a budget, let me tell you just how hard it was to be in the store. I wanted to buy everything! I had a particularly hard time saying no to these Mang items and my heart still says….maybe if you ask Molly nicely, she’d go back and pick up everything left behind…

While not Mang, I almost got these house slippers, but the biggest size they had was 8, which definitely meant they were not meant for my 9.5 feet. Bummer. Who wouldn’t want a pair of these?


Yep, as far as the eye could see there was row after row of cuteness, separated by character.

Every single member of the Kpop Nerd Herd in attendance made a purchase. Former Roommate Alix and her beloved Chimmy pillow:

Our own Cherry Cordial was thrilled with her Shooky hoody:

What did I buy? Can’t tell you, as it was a Christmas present for Junior McFeeley and I musn’t spoil! Where there weren’t rows of products to choose from, there was wall art, and chances for photo opps:

The whole place just made a BTS fangirl go SQUEEEE!

When we were there, we found out that if you had your ticket for one fo the BTS shows, they were giving away the cutest balloons! Which, of course, we all took advantage of:

As we shopped we realized the store was getting busier and busier! I noticed that there were actual security guards roving the premises. Which I just figured was a Hollywood thing, but then, when we got outside, we realized why they were there:

A line had started to form outside, turns out, the store was so popular security only lets a few people in at a time to make sure the store stays to fire code! We were so thankful to Alix and her idea to come early. By the time we left the area? They had pulled out stansions and the line had doubled. Later on in the weekend when we tried to go back? The line was literally down the street and around the corner. Crazy!

As there are so many BT21 items out there, knockoffs galore, I didn’t think I’d actually want to buy anything but let me tell you, I was actually really surprised at the quality of the merchandise! This wasn’t just something that they slapped together to get a quick buck from fans. Yes…they’re making lots of nice bucks from us but the quality of product we are getting in return makes it (unfortunately) a little easier to justify.

Dang it. 

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