BTS Bon Voyage Season Three!

Posted by Stephanie on September 17, 2018


I was just asking the ladies if they knew if BTS was doing any more variety. In previous years, they’ve done seasons of BTS Run (a fairly typical Idol variety show where they do challenges and whatnots) and BTS Bon Voyage (where we see the members out on vacation, trying to survive in foreign lands). While the ladies thought they heard that they had filmed a Run season somewhere, it’s official, we’re getting a Bon Voyage season three!


Some part of me thought, with their recent popularity including back to back world tours and everything that goes along with that, they might not have time (or the energy) to continue with either of these programs. Part of me hoped that they didn’t because I can see they are so busy and I want to know that they are getting as much time for themselves as possible. The other part of me is happy that, despite what has happened to them in the last year and a half, they haven’t forgotten where they came from, forgotten just what helped them get them to their current position. (Besides, you know, amazing talent.)

Plus, if they are going to do a show, I’m happy that they are going forward with Bon Voyage as, yes, it’s my favorite out of the two, but it seems that it is something which would be actually enjoyable to do. Yes, they are being filmed a good portion of the time, but it really looks like they’re having a good time, they visit beautiful vacation spots, and do amazing activities. It’s probably as vacation like as they get. Plus? The cameras can’t be on all of the time, there has to be some downtime in these dream locals where they (usually) go unrecognized and get to have downtime.

If you’re not aware of the previous Bon Voyage seasons, first season they went to the Norway and Finland and RM got sent home for losing his passport, the second season they went to Hawaii where Hoseok and Yoongi got matching henna tattoos and this third season? Malta! Here is the teaser for the upcoming season:

And episode 0:

YAY! I can’t wait for this to come out! Ever since going to LA to see them in concert, not going to lie, my teeny bit obsessive love for them has flooded back to me. GO BTS GO! Luckily, we don’t have to wait long, the show, on VLive is set to premiere on 9/18 with a new episode weekly after that!

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