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Posted by SaraG on September 17, 2018


I’ve thought about writing a full on post about all of the feelings I have regarding Hyuna, E’Dawn, Cube, and the rest of Pentagon. But Stephanie did a great job of summing up the situation and talking through the facts as we knew them at the moment. Not that we know much more now. My feelings are complicated and confused as I am and have been incredibly invested in Pentagon. Each individual member. I can’t write off the remaining nine because Cube is an asshole. I haven’t decided how I’m going to approach the situation yet so I’m not really ready to lay out anything thoughtful or insightful for the world to see.

Instead, I’m looking for light and fluffy. I mean, truly just bits of yumminess to roll around in while I handle all of the crap that goes with being a grown-up between forays into Kpop land and delicious tropey dramas. Thank you, Woogie, for producing just the thing and getting it out just in time to prevent me from losing my damn mind. In fact, As I lay in bed at an ungodly hour in the morning listening to my youngest and my niece arguing just outside of my room, this video may very well have saved my life.

It opens with Woodie Gochild and smoothly works its way through HAON, Sik-K, and pH-1 singing about…well, it’s not translated yet, but there’s a lot about candy and luck. It just feeeeeeeeels delightful. It made my morning ok. I’ve talked about these H1ghr music gents before and my love for them. Their different styles, freedom to be themselves, and the fact that though they are serious about what they do, they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s a breather from peoples lives being ruined by choosing to live. Mine included. Because kids can ruin your life….in tiny ways…like with pink eye and unidentifiable rashes.

I need chocolate.

KitKat, Woodie Gochild, HAON, Ph-1, Sik-K (produced by Woogie)

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  • Reply Stephanie September 17, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    KitKats always make me think of Two Moons now 🙂

    We all deal with things in our own ways, the beauty of people. What matters most at the end of the day is we all come to support each other in our own views. I think we can all agree after something like this, light and fluffy is definately the balm that will sooth over those rough edges.

    And Chocolate.

    Also. Not sure what you’re doing to me, or if I’m just now getting it, but I’m really digging a lot of your choices here and in our special chat. Things I didn’t care for before or just gave half an ear to, I’m starting to really enjoy.

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