Redescovering Lovesick

Posted by Stephanie on September 18, 2018


Remember back a while ago, when we were all obsessed with the Thai drama, Lovesick? Like obsessed-obsessed? Of course, you do, you were probably obsessed with this adorable show yourself! If you weren’t then, or have no idea what I’m talking about, I have great news! The Thai drama focusing on the love story between P’hun and N’oh, has actually hit Netflix!

I had no idea! I happened to be scrolling through one day, trying to find something to catch my attention when I scrolled by it. Then paused. What the? Did I just see what I thought I saw? And scrolled back. There it was:

(This is a facsimile¬†of the discovery as, as soon as I saw it, I put it on My List, so they would 1) know people are interested in it and 2) I could find it again….you never can tell with the Netflix search as to what you’ll find.)

I love that these programs are becoming more mainstream! While there are a lot of LGBT dramas out there (check the lists if you don’t believe me) I really think that Lovesick was one of the first big ones. The first to really hit the stage internationally. From there the genre has exploded, with new shows, taking more chances, stretching the boundaries all the time. Remember when we had that one kiss from Lovesick and the rest of it was kiss fakeouts (or fantastic handholds?) yeah, that’s not so much the case anymore. Personally, I can see a direct line from Lovesick to the dramas of today.

And yet still manages to be better than most of them.

I love the idea of more people being able to have access to these programs. I remember having to hunt down subs, to that brief panic we had when the person we had subbing stopped. Now? Someone can just go to Netflix! In my heart of hearts, I look forward to more people stumbling on it, watching. I hope they love it as much as we did. Online I had a conversation with the author, Heidi Cullinan (go out and read her books!) who had just picked up the series. Reading her comments as she watched got me all excited about the drama again. Seeing it from another person’s eyes, watching them fall in love with it? Made me want to watch all over again!

Unfortunately, currently all Netflix has is season one of the series, but I’m thinking, if enough people pick it up, if enough people show interest, we’re bound to get season 2, right?


  • Reply SpiceAngel September 18, 2018 at 7:57 am

    Yay! Great news!! I am glad you found it so you can get the word out. I will enjoy rewatching on an easy platform. Jeez Louise… I remember how challenging it was in the beginning to track down subs.

  • Reply humbledaisy September 18, 2018 at 10:24 am

    I think I stopped watching this because of sketchy subs back in the day – I’m pleased to see that Thai tv production companies are seeing the value of releasing these with subs to western audiences.

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