Anticipating Smarmy Seungri

Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2018


It had been so long since I’d heard about Seungri’s Netflix show, I’d actually forgotten all about it! Not going to lie, when I first heard about the show, my thoughts were, “what the?” and “go into the military already!”. Now though? Since his last album release, I find myself on a Seungri high. He seems to have decided to embrace his smarmy Seungri schitck and is running with it — which oddly makes me like him more. Did you see his video for Where R U From? He is definitely replacing the hole left when PSY left YG: 

When we went to LA the biggest Seungri fan in the Kpop Nerd Herd, LizC, purchased his cd and one of the items found inside? A Seungri coaster. Come on, how self-aware is that? Yep, Seungri is definitely on the rise for me, possibly landing right behind T.O.P and GDragon. Who knew?

Anyway, a long while back, it was announced that Seungri was going to star in a YG/Netflix show called YG Future Strategy Office where Seungri is shuttled to that department — I’m guessing this is not a desirable post — and from the looks of the teaser that just came out, Seungri is not a well-liked person with-in the fictional version of YG where all the stars talk about how uncomfortable they are around him:

I do love how they are using the image of Seungri and tweaking with it here. It’s being called a mockumentary, so I’m wondering if Seungri will actually be playing a version of himself, relegated to this part of the company while the rest of the group is away. For some reason, something like that actually strikes me as something I can’t wait to see. (I blame LizC.) The show, which I previously completely forgot about, is set to premiere October 5th, so there isn’t that much time before we’ll be able to watch it. As it is Netflix, I wonder if they’ll dump all the episodes at once like they do for their own or US programing or if they’ll release them episode by episode as they do for the Asian dramas they carry. If it were my preference I say lump, as I’m more apt to watch the whole thing that way.



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  • Reply LizC September 20, 2018 at 11:47 pm

    oh yeaaaaahhhh. Can’t wait to watch my number 1 cheeseball in action!

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