Episode 164: Woozi’s Unmentionables

Posted by Cherry Cordial on September 21, 2018



Let’s talk what went down at Cube, what’s possibly going on with Zico, what’s upcoming for BTS, what we’re excited to see on Netflix, what happened in Korean class, what Amber’s up to and ask a very important question: what to do in Korea?

Episode 164: Woozi’s Unmentionables

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Listener Question

If you have a listener question you’d like to ask us, be it drama related, casting, recommendations, really anything you can think of, please let us know. We can be reached via our website contact form, podcast@kchatjjigae.com, or if you’d like to leave a voicemail we could play on the air give us a call at 1-347-674-9310. For those of you outside the country (or who don’t want to call long distance), you can record your question on your phone or computer and email the file to us at podcast@kchatjjigae.com.

Song of a Day

SHINee – Countless

Dramas Mentioned

Train to Busan
Doctor Champ

People Mentioned

Jay Park
Block B
B Bomb
Bang Yongguk
Amber Liu

Links Mentioned

Woozi’s Nipple Piercing

Stephanie would like to apologize for the following:
  • To anyone who heard Stephanie’s cold and came down with it. Her bad.
  • She does NOT apologize to reinfecting any coworker who came around her. Give it to her, call her in for a meeting? She’s going to leave you with a little surprise…
  • Woozi. For those thoughts. You don’t need to know which thoughts, just know she had them, and she’s sorry.
  • Woozi. She’s sorry for lying. She’s not sorry. She’s sorry she found out about what’s under your shirt. And so should you, because you’ve RUINED her.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 


  • Reply humbledaisy1 September 21, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    What about the film/folk villages? And I agree about the NELL concert – do it!

  • Reply Tess September 21, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Korean idea for visiting, do a movie on those thousands stairs that show up on the dramas, trying taking a 5 bags of groceries up those stairs and see if you don’t need to take a nap halfway up can you visit that island that everybody seems to go on the dramas the Bridget everybody wants to jump over and can you visit a drama set??

  • Reply Temple Connolly (@tea_n_see) September 22, 2018 at 6:58 am

    Concert tickets are easy to buy! Go to Interpark or Yes24 (both have English site options) and see who is on when you’re there. You can buy online and pick up at the venue on the day. Just remember to take your passport to show when you collect your tickets. I saw BTS back in 2014, and I’ve been to other concerts, musicals and fan meets since. It is do-able 🙂
    My favourite part of Seoul to wander around is Bukchon/Samcheong-dong – near Changedeokgung which is lovely to visit, and that area is used in lots of dramas so location spotting is easy.
    Busan is a big sprawling city so it can take a little time to get around – planning to group things to do in the same part of town pays off. If you have time to visit a temple, Haedong Yonggungsa is nice at sundown, and Beomeosa is in a beautiful hilly forest area. Go wander around Nampo-dong one evening and snack on all the street stall foods, and enjoy the people watching.
    In either city you could go find one of the ridiculously cute cafes and eat baked goods that look like cartoon animals or clouds or flowers or whatever.
    Have an awesome time!

  • Reply humbledaisy1 September 22, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Also, the blog, Flyhoneystars, has a list of filming and Kpop locations – it’s already on my list of things to see some day in Korea. http://www.flyhoneystars.com/filming-locations/

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