Khottie of the Week: Ha Yeon Soo

Posted by Alix on September 23, 2018

Khottie of the Week

I usually find it awkward to write female khotties but the current dramas I’ve been watching have resulted in a host of female characters that are both feminine and strong. Characters that are willing to say to a patriarchal society you can’t treat me that way, willing to stand up for themselves when it seems like no else will. I’ve only been watching kdramas for a couple of years but it’s been fascinating to see the transition in the past couple of years in how female characters are being written and portrayed. While I know that an actress is not her character in real life, it still makes me want to highlight the women who are playing characters I admire and respect.  

Ha Yeon Soo was most recently in Rich Man which, to be honest, I started watching for Suho; however, it was clear from the first episode that Ha Yeon Soo was the one to watch. 

I was surprised to discover she will be 28 in October…she looks much younger. 

She has been acting for a number of years

She’s done a fair amount of modeling. 

She played TOP’s girl in the BigBang Let’s Not Fall in Love music video (I’m not at all jealous). 

She’s known for playing the harp.  

From her Instagram (@hayeonsoo_), she likes to travel. 

And she’s an acclaimed photographer, having even published a photo essay book. 

She looks so young and innocent.

And don’t be fooled as she’s sexy.

And beautiful. 

Rich Man was not the best drama of the year but well worth for seeing her in action…

So watch it for a character you can admire and respect.



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    Sorry, I’m gonna need a fact check on that 28. 😉

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