Musical Monday – Not a Gamer Girl

Posted by SaraG on September 24, 2018


Aside from my brief foray into Starpop, if that even counts, I don’t play video games. I never really have. I can remember sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen, where my cousin had hooked up his Nintendo, watching him play various story-based games and having absolutely zero interest in picking up a controller. My mom, husband, and children all play and have tried to teach me, but I’m just missing that gene. It’s not that I think they’re a waste of time, I watch MVs for hours at a shot, after all, I just can’t get into it.

But somehow, despite all of that, I still know an inordinate amount about video games across platforms, and I know that they have become so much more than just a way to pass the time. It’s not Atari anymore. They are rich stories, communities, beautiful graphics, and gorgeous music. Netmarble, a gaming company, has recently put out a new mobile RPG called Phantomgate and collaborated with Heize on the song. She actually wrote and produced it herself and it’s fantastic. If she accurately captured the mood of the song, I would love to sit over someone’s shoulder to watch them play it.

The song is pretty straightforward Heize, a soft melody with her clear voice over some tinkling piano with crescendos including more of an orchestral sound. It’s exactly what I love about her music. The MV has scenes from the game, of course, but also her, dressed as the main character, wandering through a set gussied up to look vaguely like the game. I could listen to it (and did) over and over. I wish I could get it on iTunes, but it’s not up there…at least not yet. I’ll keep looking because it belongs on a couple of lists I’m crafting.

If anyone picks up the game, let me know, I’d love to learn all about it without having to actually interact with it in any meaningful way.

Phantomgate, Heize

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