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Posted by Stephanie on September 26, 2018


I’ll come right out and say, I haven’t seen this drama. I haven’t even actually heard of it before, however, when you see a headline, ““Hide And Seek” Apologizes For Controversial Public Bath Scene” you stop and take a look at what’s going on in Kdramaland now. Then you click off the article you just read go, ‘wait a minute’ and go back to it.

So if you’re also not aware of what happened, here’s the lowdown. 

Apparently, there is a drama airing right now called Hide and Seek, here is the synopsis from MyDramaList:

The drama explores the fate of the heiress to the nation’s largest cosmetics conglomerate, and a woman who had to live that life in her stead, as well as the desires and secrets surrounding the two women.

Hmm… totally clear. Anyway, during one of the recent episodes you see the main character walking through a male sauna, the men, of course naked, running and hiding from her. The watchers were in an uproar! Why? It was sexually suggestive and male sexual harassment. When the claims were made, MBC actually apologized for the issue.

Which is what made me going…huh? Wait a minute.

It’s not so much that the scene happened or whether it was or wasn’t harassment. My issue was with the fact we’ve seen so many dramas/scenes where the heroine is sexually harassed or demeaned in her workplace. One that sticks out in my head is in Assorted Gems during the first episode, the main heroine is at one of those work parties where everyone is drinking and singing. A slimy coworker, when she’s in front of everyone doing her song, starts stripping and then touching her inappropriately. All of her coworkers are there, her seniors. Nothing is done to protect her. In fact, she’s shamed for being so uptight. In the end it’s her that quits her job and the man has no repercussions. This is just one scene in one drama. I’m sure, if we all put our heads together we’d be able to come up with numerous other ones. (City Hall anyone?)

What struck me out of the issue happening, the uproar over it is the fact that this happens all the time in Kdrama, just to a different gender. It just strikes me as a little unbalanced. In MBC’s apology they say:

We will be more sensitive, think harder, and will work hard to create a balanced production.

I just would hope that if you’re at a place where you’re reflecting, you take a moment to ponder both sides.


You can read the original article here.


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