Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Sparks

Posted by SaraG on September 27, 2018


I admit it. Freely. I like pretty things. I love genuinely pretty songs that just have a good melody and a solid vocalist. I mean, I don’t love things just because they’re pretty, but that’s sometimes the thing that catches my eye or ear until I take a deeper dive and find that element that gets me hooked for good. Obviously, it’s some sort of evolutionary tool used to breed stronger, faster, more attractive songs so music can continue on into the future.

Yoon Do Hyun has a long and storied career. Even if you’re sitting there thinking that you don’t know who he is, chances are you know him. Or at least his voice. He’s been doing stuff, music, the stage, and television, since the early to mid-nineties…meaning I don’t only love people that weren’t even alive when I was in high school. He’s OLDER than me. Weird, I know. Yoon Do Hyun has served as the voice of Kpopstar, Law of the Jungle, TV Entertainment Tonight among others, and has acted in all sort of musical theater and done cameos in a number of dramas over the years. He’s all over the place and insanely talented.

In January 2017, Yoon Do Hyun released the single that finally put him on my radar, Sparks Fly. I don’t even know how it showed up on my YouTube recommendations or if it was on an iTunes list. All I know is that I was standing in my bathroom trying desperately to make my straight, flat hair do something interesting and it popped on my tinny speakers. I was in love. I looked him up and discovered that I actually already had some of his stuff…collabs with Yonghwa, Okdal, even Reddy. Are you kidding me? How had I not glommed onto this raspy, beautiful voice before? Seriously.

This song, just shy of two years later, is still on regular rotation. It’s on my Flutter playlist because it makes my heart clench. I play it when I’m feeling sad, when I’m happy, when I’m feeling romantic. I love it. I am rather shocked I’ve not shared it here before. Maybe I have but didn’t tag it right. Whatever, you’ve got it now. Listen to the guitar, roll around in his raspy voice. It’s super pretty, right?

Sparks Fly, Yoon Do Hyun

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    Love that you have a flutter playlist

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