Fairy Tales Are Coming…To Town!

Posted by Stephanie on October 16, 2018


I want to say Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter may be the start of a new trend, but if you’ve been around long enough, you know, fairy tale inspired dramas are so common, they might as well be a trope now. No dig, I’m just laying out the facts. Hwayugi, Legend of the Blue Sea, Goblin… there are more and more, that I could add here but at some point, you’re just padding for length.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, an upcoming drama based on a webtoon, is set to hit our screens in November. This particular fairy tale theme has the Mama Fairy a woman in present-day time who spends her days as a barista, and her off hours looking for the reincarnation of her husband (probably the woodcutter of the title) for 699 years — now that’s dedication.

The premise itself isn’t so much interesting to me, and the fact that she’s deciding between two possibilities? Eh. Not my bag. What does have me giving the drama a second look is 1) ever since watching Nice Guy (what seems like a forever and a married Song Joong Ki ago) I’ve really liked Moon Chae Won as an actress. She’s one of those few actresses that make me stop and go…huh. Maybe. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her act in anything and I’m wondering if that needs to change. I think she has the depth skill to be able to pull of any sort of character that gets thrown to her and since this show seems to be a fairytale steeped in mystery, that may be exactly what the show needs.

2) Let’s be real here. What got me are the posters, or the posters together, seen above. You can also see them in this teaser:


Honestly, I’m not sure I can tell you how many times I’ve seen this 15-second teaser, because if I did let that information slip, I’d probably never be able to look you in the face again.

You: It’s fifteen seconds.

Me: I know!

You: It doesn’t even have video.


Repeat as many times as necessary before you walk away in disgust. I can’t help it! What is that thing she’s holding? Is it a hatched egg? Is the girl a tiger? Was her husband a happy go lucky or a no-nonsense person? In which case then can we tell from the pic who the husband is? Or, if he’s reincarnated does that mean he could be the opposite of the personality he once was. I DON’T KNOW. Also, if these guys are modern time and are reincarnations of her human husband, why aren’t they freaked the fudge out when the girl turns into a tiger? Unless her husband the woodcutter was not human, but was also some sort of fairy tale being? But then how did he die?

So. Many. Questions.

If I end up not watching this one, I may need one of you out there to spoil me on it. I have questions. I need answers. Case in point. What’s your favorite fairy tale inspired drama?

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  • Reply humbledaisy1 October 16, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Hmm, that’s a lot of rewatches for 15 seconds. Unless you are working on your Korean language listening skills.

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