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Posted by SaraG on October 18, 2018


Question, does throwback mean that both the song and performance have been out for a while or does it mean that the song is old but the actual stage might be new. I’m opting for the latter today…because I make the rules for me and for this post. You’re going to just have to either skip the post if you don’t agree or just go along with it in order to see some great music further down the page. Sorry, friends.

KBS has recently revived the old variety classic Immortal Songs into the new, instant classic, Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend. On this show, seven different established or rookie performers sing their own interpretations of hits by the singer of the week or, in this version, a specific theme of the episode. The audience of 500 fans then vote on who’s performance was the best of the episode. The winners get all of the fame and glory that comes with succeeding on a weekly variety program in a country that has approximately a billion weekly variety programs dedicated to music. But really, we win, because we get some pretty fantastic stages and re-imaginings of songs that may have slipped past us.

My first exposure to the show was actually a very recent event. Someone tossed me the link to Pentagon taking part in an episode themed ‘beautiful songs loved by Korea.’ Seems like a pretty broad theme to me, but I’ll go with it. I love beautiful songs loved by Korea, so I’m in.

삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지, Pentagon

My interest in the show was, of course piqued. Lucky for me, my friends are well aware of the groups I love and, unprompted, sent along a few more links to performances I would readily enjoy. For our viewing pleasure, both South Club and DIA performed on an episode dedicated to the hugely popular duo from the 70’s called Bunny Girls. The possibilities for re-imaging the songs are endless and these contemporary groups did an amazing job.

파도, South Club

보고 싶지도 않은가 봐, DIA

I am so very much looking forward to what comes next for this show.

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