Episode 168: RIP DramaFever

Posted by Cherry Cordial on October 19, 2018



With the death of DramaFever, there is lots of upheaval going on in Kdramaland. Stephanie and Cherry chat what DramaFever meant to the creation of their fandom, trying to figure out what happened, where to go next, and what this means for the long-term prospects of the US Kdrama-watching base. Then we soothe some spirits and talk about what we’re watching: My Father is Strange, the GDragon documentary, Because It’s My First Life, Secretary Kim, Bon Voyage, and Where Stars Land.

Episode 167: RIP DF

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Listener Question

If you have a listener question you’d like to ask us, be it drama related, casting, recommendations, really anything you can think of, please let us know. We can be reached via our website contact form, podcast@kchatjjigae.com, or if you’d like to leave a voicemail we could play on the air give us a call at 1-347-674-9310. For those of you outside the country (or who don’t want to call long distance), you can record your question on your phone or computer and email the file to us at podcast@kchatjjigae.com.

Dramas Mentioned

Running Man
Barefoot Friends
100 Days Prince
Bon Voyage
Burn the Stage
Because this is My First Life
Where Stars Land
What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
Weekly Idol
My Father is Strange
Kwon Ji Yong Act III: Motte
Infinity Challenge
YG Future Strategy Office

People Mentioned

Kang Gary
Lee Min Ki
Lee Je Hoon
Lee Dong Gun


Infinite Challenge with GDragon designing underwear

Stephanie’s audience

Stephanie would like to apologize for the following:
  • Seungri, she’s sorry she forgot about you! She loves your show, though, she promises.
  • Anyone bothered by the T.O.P discussion. Sorry, egg, it was rough on all of us.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 

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  • Reply LizC October 24, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    A few more thoughts on the GDragon documentary:
    -I appreciated Cherry’s observation that he probably always needs to be doing something with his hands, and it occurred to me that, oh no!, he can’t craft in the military. Cleaning automatic weapons might keep his hands busy, but I don’t think it’s going to engage his right brain.

    -I think a really important piece of context in the TOP conversation is Taeyang. IRL, Taeyang says “Did you get his messages. When I visited him, he said he’d sent you messages.” Taeyang had visited and talked to TOP in person at that point. I was really impressed with Taeyang, because he was being supportive of TOP and GD, who were both in different states of crisis at that point. While I felt sad that GD wasn’t responding to TOP, I also felt like Taeyang was there for both of them, and I think he’s probably the BigBang member you’d want to have your back when the stuff goes down.

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