Kcutie of the Week: Dare to Dream

Posted by Alix on October 21, 2018

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It’s my 13th month anniversary of doing khottie and since we missed the one year anniversary we shall live it up at 13 months by doing something totally different. Nothing like a bakers dozen as a cause for celebration…and at this time of the year celebrations are definitely in order (especially those that involve carbs or cuties).

For those of you who might be concerned that I’m flaunting Kchat Jjigae rules and regulations I have approval from Stephanie. 

So with that taken care of let’s jump in. This is where NCT Dream started not that long ago. 

They are still a very young group…but growing up quickly. 

This past summer I developed a slight obsession with all things NCT and then the Dream comeback happened and here we are today. We Go Up has to be one of my favorite songs and is in non-stop rotation.

So I know you are all desperate to know these kcuties and with 13 months of experience under my belt, I know better than to not share.

First off is Mark, oldest and about to graduate from the group. 

If you weren’t aware…NCT Dream is only for those 20 and younger. 

Mark has been the leader, it’ll be interesting to see who steps into his place. 

Next is the group known as the 00 Line…I’ll let you figure out where that name comes from on your own. 

First is Haechan. 

He can also be found in NCT 127 along with Mark. 

Next we have Jeno. 

Often called No Fun Jeno by his group but I find him funny. 

Then there is Jaemin, often found with Jeno. 

Jaemin missed almost a year due to injury. 

We are all very happy to have him back…he loves Ryan if you were wondering. 

And then there is Renjun. 

Who looks serious enough to keep the 00 line in order but really doesn’t. 

And finally, we have the macknae line. 

Chenle, from China, actually really does love basketball. 

And last but not least is Jisung. 

How could you not want to stan this group of kcuties?!?





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  • Reply Stephanie October 22, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    HAHAHAHHAHHAHAAAA!!!! I WAS BAMBOOZLED! I thought I was approving some sort of coworker homicide, not Dreamies!

    Former Roommate Alix. She’s a trixie one.

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