Lying and Other Fun Games

Posted by Stephanie on October 23, 2018


One of these days you’re going to come to the sad realization that I’m a liar. I’m a big fat fatty-McFat-Fat, “say one thing to your face and then do something completely different” liar. It’s not like I mean to lie. I say one thing, thinking it’s completely true. Sure I’m totally in the right. Then? The next minute? I’m completely off in the next direction, disregarding my vows, doing whatever feckless thing catches my fancy that moment. So, what was my big falsehood this time?

Guys. I can’t believe I’m about to say this….but I’m watching like 4 different shows AT ONCE.  

No, not at once-once. That would require way more screens than I own. (Although. TV, computer, tablet, phone. If I wanted to watch 4 at a time I could — however — that’s when that whole not speaking Korean thing reaches out and kicks me in the ass.) Anyway. I’m currently simulcasting a lot of shows! And one of them is an actual simulcast though I’m pretty behind so I have a way to catch up. And for someone who just the other week said she was only going to watch one drama at a time? That’s a hell of a lot of dramas. (Even for someone who regularly watches dramas, that’s probably a lot of dramas.)

What am I watching you ask? Well, thanks for asking, that’s so nice of you!

Let’s start with what I started first! After Cherry and I managed to get the VApp on my tablet and we shared a purchase of the Bon Voyage, I’m actually reaching back and watching the second season where they go to Hawaii.

I watched a few episodes a while back, but they were grabbed from wherever we could get them and were not of the best quality. Lagging subs made me abandon ship after a while. Now that I have access to officially sanctioned, the subs always work and are in sync with what they’re actually saying episodes? I’m telling you it makes a huge difference! I get to love the guys all over again. I’ve watched them go shopping, do dumb challenges, take a hike:

“We’ve been hiking for a long time!”
“We’ve been hiking for 20 minutes.”
“And 10 of them you were looking at the waterfall.”

HAHAHAHAHA. Not to mention LizC just told me that she actually ate at the diner they went to and had the ordering solo challenge. It makes me want to go and watch that part all over again! I’m trying to take my time with this, not just because I want to savor it, ala It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, but with Season three currently airing, I want that to be done before I actually finish season 2. Of course, if I do finish early, I could always go back and watch the videos where the guys do commentary on the episodes. Right now it seems like an overkill, but who knows how I’ll feel in the future.

Hmm…what’s next? I could almost be considered to be simulcasting Seungri’s YG Future Strategy Office if only Netflix didn’t dump all of the episodes out at one time. Where’s the savoring? (Please don’t remind me I said this when they eventually get season 3 of A Good Place and I gobble that down in one sitting…)

If you haven’t seen this show, I say go out there and give it a try! Even if you aren’t the biggest Seungri fan, this show is so funny. It pokes fun at Seungri, YG, Papa YG. It’s documentary style and pretty much anything goes attitude makes you want to stick around to see just what they are going to get away with next. I’m actually surprised at some of the stuff they reference. In episode two, the Future Strategy Office tries to promote a clean (drug, sex free) YG to pretty hilarious results. Side note? Anyone know where someone can pick up a pair of Seungri underpants? ……asking for a friend.

If I knew how to type in Korean on my computer I’d totally say “Again?” as I definitely got that right on my Korean test, but I don’t, so I’ll just have to tell you, the next thing I’m watching? Is the simulcast! Waa-hoo! It’s like 2013 Stephanie rolled up in here and said: “Who needs a life, tv — tv is where it’s at!”

I’m currently catching up on Where Stars Land. This is the one drama on the list that makes me step back and say…eh. I’m really hoping it gets better not only because I’m determined to finish it, but because I love me some Lee JeHoon. Which I’ve mentioned here. Several times. (This part is not a lie. I couldn’t lie about Lee JeHoon — look at that face, would you want to disappoint that face?) And his character is pretty interesting. I want to know all about his mysterious past and what’s going on with that arm of his. But….ugh, I really dislike the heroine! Though the writer wants us to think she’s worked hard to be where she’s at, it’s not how she acts. She acts dumb and entitled and is irritating. I know it’s only a matter of time before they turn her around, but I’m wondering if I’ll care by then, I mean, I completely hope so but don’t have high hopes—  and since I came into this drama with high hopes? Is sad. Not to mention the airport issues they have are pretty laughable. Where is security? Like. EVER.

Bet you thought that was it, didn’t you? Well, though I wish it were as I’ve already typed a lot, it’s not! In the spirit of finishing what I start, I’ve gone back to What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim!

This drama is just so fun and fluffy! I’m not sure why I stopped watching it, I think it was more of a scheduling thing than a commentary on the drama itself. Or maybe I was worried now that the brother is in town and is either going to show interest in our girl, or she’s going to show an interest in him? I really don’t want this show to become a love triangle, I just want it to be about them, slowly realizing how much they need each other, not just in a boss/employee relationship but as two lonely people in LURVE. Side note: I know I am only partway in, but I totally get the feeling her family is not done with her yet. I can see her dad getting into trouble again and she having to go into debt to pay it off. Or something like that. A person/family doesn’t just change and suddenly start being financially responsible because their daughter has decided to live her own life and quit her job.

I feel like I’m so close to cuteness that I can’t wait to get there. These two actors are just so well paired and their chemistry is pretty awesome. Get ready for some snuggles, kids! I can see it clearly in the cards.

Lastly, and I’m pretty sure it is la


stly, as I still work 40+ hours and am trying to fit in studying for Korean class, I randomly picked up Because It’s My First Life.

I completely have no idea why I did it, as you can see my drama plate is full! (One might say overfull.) I was scrolling through Viki and there it was. I remember just how much everyone seemed to enjoy this show. Plus, Lee Min Ki is a powerful thing to try and say no to. I was weak and with the press of my finger to screen, I gave it a try. Happy to say, I can see why everyone liked it so much! I can also say: I’m not watching this one on the commute again, though. No way. This drama is one of those modern, hip young singles dramas where you never know what they’re going to say or do. I watched the first episode with a guy looking over my shoulder and pretty much died. There is no secret watching 1) on a crowded bus and 2) when you’re watching something with subtitles. It just can’t be done. I’m thinking commute, I’m going to keep it to Bon Voyage. It’s the safest way to go.

Now I have to go. I’m very late. Apparent,ly I have a lot of dramas to go watch.

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