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Posted by Stephanie on October 30, 2018


In round two of, it’s Stephanie’s Mumble Mumble birthday and she’ll do whatever the heck she wants so long as it makes her happy week, I thought I’d share some of the Instagrams that just tickle me. There are ones which are just pretty idols doing pretty things, but for me? Those are not the ones I look forward to. Nope, mine have to be slightly funny or a little off, or in the case of a couple of kittens, ones that make me go awwww….

Miyavi. You know him right? Or you know of him as the wickedly sexy Japanese JPop turned guitar god turned actor. Well, if you check out his insta, you’ll see, yes he is every single one of those things plus happily married man and doting dad to two kids. To see him and his kids just being a family just makes you go all warm and squishy inside. Or the one a while back where it showed him at the school volunteering as a crossing guard, knowing that like 12 hours later he’d be performing in front of hundreds of screaming fans? Solidly Funny.


Shownu the Sims. This one was recently recommended to me by social media queen LizC. Someone made a Sims character look like Shownu from Monsta X and shows video of faux-Sho doing random daily tasks. Why is it so funny? I don’t know, IT JUST IS! (And if you don’t believe me, watch the video all the way through until you get to the fireman. I do have a soft spot for creative fans.

Yosi and Gujji. Speaking of Monsta X, as I so often am, it was recently revealed after their last tour my Monsta X bias, Jooheon, got a pair of kittens, that he loves so much it will hurt YOU. Even more recently we found out he created an Instagram just for them. That’s love. I’ve created this story in my brain where he really wanted kittens and promised himself once the tour was over, he could get some, and then anytime he had a bad day, he’d just remind himself, “Think of the kittens, just do it for the kittens…”

N.Flying. These guys are just a hoot and they love showing that on Instagram. The antics they get up to, just happy to entertain themselves, makes them one to watch out for. Plus? They write a LOT in their notes, which, if you’re trying to pick your way through learning Korean, it’s a treat tool to use to sound out words. Someday, boys, someday I will understand what you’re telling me. Please wait because I’m sure it’s hilarious.

Monbebe_X_Monbebe. I swear I’m not obsessed with Monsta X. Or, at least, not much! There is a Monsta X official ‘gram, but this fan run one is pretty fun. It copies the stuff that the guys are posting but then also adds in other things found on social media. Since I’m not much of a Twitter user, this is the best way for me to keep up with what the boys are up to.


Colorado kpop fans.  A Kpop fan group based in Colorado, they mainly do Birthday wishes, however, I like to try and keep up with activities they doing in Denver. I haven’t been able to do a lot due to scheduling conflicts, but the events I have been to have been a lot of fun.


Jaejoong. Ooooh this delightful weirdo. He’s open and shut his Instagram a few times, and this one isn’t quite as wacky as some of his others, but I do enjoy the brief flashes we get. Plus? Seeing him reminds me that Junsu is still a thing.

Captain. Speaking of reminding. I love watching Captain’s Instagram as it reminds me just how much I loved Lovesick! Side note? He looks great with hair!

Dingo. Dingo is a fun follow as you never know what you’re going to get. They do a lot of videos, get idols drunk and watch them…do whatever it is that idols do while drinking (usually singing or goofing off). They have unique pairings, a mixture of popular artists, up and comers and indie musicians. It’s really just a heads up for stuff you’re going to have to go and find on youtube subbed later….

Song Jae Rim. Oh, how I used to love Song Jae Rim. So much so that I love following up on his Instagram just to see how he’s doing. It appears he’s doing well. It also appears he’s just as obsessed with his cat as he was during We Got Married. Good to know somethings never change.


Blobyblo. Taaaablo. Pretty sure that’s all you need to know about this Instagram. Tablo is smart and fun and a frequent poster. He has this ‘gram and one called Tablo is Dad which focuses on him and his daughter Haru. Today’s post? They had a visitor to the studio and I nearly died at the implications. The fanfic (and probably music) just writes itself!


BT21. From cartoons to videos, the force behind BT21 puts a lot of work into their Instagram! It’s just super cute and whose day couldn’t use brief flashes of that?


The8. Oh Minghau, how I do like you and your arty ways and your long, long neck. I think The8 was the first member of Seventeen to create a solo instagram account and for that I will always thank him. Thanks Minghau, thanks for being out there and bringing others along.


Vernon. Others like Vernon. I didn’t really know a lot about Vernon before he opened his Instagram account. I certainly didn’t know what an amazing odd duck he is. By the power of his Instagram alone, he has shot right to the upper levels of my Seventeen Bias hierarchy.


Jhope. And last but not least, this Hoseok fan stream. I wish the boys would be as active on Instagram as they are on Twitter, or active at all, but at least we have accounts like this who take their Twitter feeds and turn them into posts. A little smile from Hoseok is really all I need to make my day just that much better. And again, who doesn’t want that?



So, these are some of the Instagrams that I look forward to seeing in my feed! Do you have any that you feel should make the list? Let me know!

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