Khottie of the Week: Lee Jooheon

Posted by Alix on November 3, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Stephanie asked me at one point this past summer why I hadn’t featured Jooheon yet and what in the world was I waiting for…well Birthday Girl here’s your answer! I like to think that if it wasn’t for me she would never have met Monsta X and specifically Jooheon…it took months of subversive listening on our Friday night drives home and well-timed support from SaraG. So for your Mumble-Mumble birthday, it only seems fair to gift you a post of nothing but Jooheon…and cake but that’ll come later (and in person). 

For the rest of you out there meet Lee Jooheon.

One of two rappers in Monsta X. 

He is a fascinating mix of sexy, hard edge rapper…

And aegyo expert with the brightest smile and deepest dimples. 

If you want to see sexy Jooheon watch this fan video of Versace on the Floor from their recent tour.

He for sure can pull off the sexy. 

The brooding sexy idol.

Look, Stephanie, he’s got a flower for you. 

Then there’s rapper Joeheon…

With that rapper edge…

And rapper swag…

And rapper cool…

But no matter what he does (to me at least) he’s still just plain cute. 

His aegyo skills are amazing…but I won’t share since it’s Stephanie’s birthday. 

But look it up on YouTube

And don’t ever forget those dimples. 

And if you can get past the dimples you might notice the pouty lips. 

Good for sending birthday kisses. 

And lots of birthday wishes!!

Happy Mumble-Mumble Birthday!!!


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  • Reply Stephanie November 6, 2018 at 12:00 am

    SWOOOOOON Oh, how I love my Joohoney! Thanks for the present!

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