Posted by Stephanie on November 7, 2018


He’s back, our Duckbutt is back! Can you believe it’s been two years? Or one year, nine months to be exact? No? Me neither! It seems like just yesterday we were waving our hankies at our computer screens, telling ourselves, it’s only two years, but deep in our hearts we knew, two years was forever. Turns out? Not so forever. 

Perhaps it was the frequent pictures we had of him? As he was stationed as a police officer and was often spotted around town doing police officer things, plus since the military has no qualms about pulling the celebrities out for whatever performances they would like them to do, he was never far from our minds. One might think that this would make the time go by slower, you know the adage, out of sight out of mind? But in the case of Junsu, at least for me? It looked like he actually enjoyed his time in the military! He was always smiling and joking with the other officers and would post the cutest pics of them all. In my mind I’d built up that this was him enjoying being a regular person, without all of the pressures he’s constantly under.

Not to mention, his hair must have really enjoyed the break.

Which makes sense that the first thing he did was go, color his hair, put in some earrings, schedule a series of fan meets, a concert, and sign up for a new musical. Oh Junsu, how we forgot how busy you liked to be.

Actually, the first thing he did was do a few V-lives. It makes you think how the older Kpop artists are having to continue to learn and grow with the times. When JYJ was first out, or Super Junior, or BigBang, there wasn’t this near constant requirement to document everything. No real social media, no Twitter, no V-Live. I wonder what they think of all of the new tech? Do they like it? The instant connection with fans (good or bad) or do they roll their eyes at yet another direction to be pulled?

Just a thought.

His concert will include music from his first four CD’s. (My guess is it’s not going to be long before he hops into that recording studio to start a new one.) And he’s going to do not only some solo, but also some JYJ fan signings. (I’m guessing they’ll use this as an easy way to start easing Yoochun back into the spotlight.) Since the members of JYJ can’t be on TV, they’ve always had to create their own hustle, a constant stream of activities in order to keep themselves in the spotlight. It’s no surprise that he’s taken no time to recoup, to recover, or visit after his release, nope, just up and at it for him!

The musical he either has or is about to sign onto is Elisabeth, where he’ll be taking a role over from Leo from VIXX. I thought the name of the drama seemed a little familar so a quick google search later revealed that this is not his first time in this musical, he won an award for his original run. I hope he plays the same character and I hope he bleaches his hair again and I hope he can hold out until March, BECAUSE I’D TOTALLY GO.

Anyway. Two years, man! One year, Nine months! I’m so happy to have you back! I hope you enjoyed yourself at least half as much as I built it up in my brain. While I understand the urge to just get back into it, I hope you do take some time to go on a trip, or just hang out at the house, reading manga in your bathrobe. As that sounds amazing (and not just because now I’m picturing you in your bathrobe…)


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