Throwback (Musical) Thursday – ahhhhhhh, damn

Posted by SaraG on November 8, 2018


You may recall a few weeks ago when Alix did all of Highlight as her Khottie of the week. She’d briefly fallen down a hole of obsessing about them, specifically Yoo Doo-Joon, and had dragged me along with her. While she was able to pull herself out after a couple of weeks and one small purchase of an album, I have not been so lucky. For whatever reason, I have been completely consumed and have come to a number of realizations about the members in general and one member specifically.

First, despite the Beast episode of Weekly Idol being one of my all time favorites and one that I have watched multiple times and their debut episode as Highlight being a close second, I never really took the time get to know the members at all. It was always just funny. Turns out, they really are funny. Like suuuuuper funny. Drive me to tears funny in nearly everything they do. I love them.

Second, I have actually seen almost all of the members in various dramas and have enjoyed all of it without putting it together that they were Beast or Highlight. I don’t always fact check who I’m watching. Sometimes I just like to absorb the feels with no additional attachment. I don’t always want to know because I’m prone to get clingy. And while some people like it when I get that way, it’s hard on my tiny, ill-equipped heart.

Third, I love super angsty almost-ballads with dark imagery and sweeping vocals. After a deep dive into older Beast songs and my current obsession with everything Highlight has ever uttered, it’s occurred to me that almost all of these songs fit that mold and each one is pretty much the most beautiful song ever performed. ALL OF THEM. How did I not recognize this?

Fourth, their rapper, Yong Junhyung, as I’ve pointed out before, has done much of the writing and producing for the group and is therefore responsible for a lot of the mess I’m currently feeling. Which means I started to watch him more and more. Like rewatching the episodes of Dangerous Beyond the Blankets he’s in, rewatching variety, seeking out new variety, and all around learning him. Oooooops. Now I’m all in love.

Like really in love.

Like bought an album on eBay because I knew it had the Junhyung photo card with it in love.

Like have interspersed listening to Highlight and his solo stuff over and over for a couple of weeks in love.

Like teen girl in love.

I blame him. Now he needs to take responsibility.

Sudden Shower, Yong Junhyung (Feat 10cm)

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