Musical Monday – All of the Colors on Repeat

Posted by SaraG on November 19, 2018


The streak continues! There has been more new music released that I was counting down to and I am super pleased by almost all of it. Dean’s new song Dayfly with Sulli and Rad Museum is gorgeous and heartbreaking, Hotshots EP Early Flower is a solid release and I will be listening to a couple of the songs for a long time. Not to mention Giriboy’s new EP Lonely 4Songs and The collab Hemi’s Room between Dynamic Duo and Hyukoh. Seriously delightful week or so in music.

Not counting the Highlight coming out this week, the first full-length album by Jung Jin Woo on Planetarium Records is probably the thing I’ve been looking forward to the most in music this fall. Maybe. I mean what I say in the moment, but sometimes my mind changes on a dime. Anyway, I’ve mentioned Jung Jin Woo on the blog before, and I’ve done nothing but fall more in love with him over the course of the last year. I don’t actually know much about him personally, but his music speaks volumes to me and the more familiar I become, the more I want to know. Noise and Gravity, from the first two PLT albums, are both songs that I could, and have played on repeat over and over and over when I want to invoke a really specific mood.

Rotate, the new release in question has 13 songs almost entirely written, arranged, and produced by Jung Jin Woo himself. He’s got a couple of collabs with other Planetarium artists, as expected, but has also brought in Park Jimin (one of my fav female voices of the moment) and Jeebanoff for features. Jung Jin Woo has said that the album was inspired by the idea that we think ‘we live a straight and step-by-step life,’ but that he was intrigued by the idea of a life of infinite repetition. He has said that the idea of ‘getting better’ was more persuasive as an idea than of ‘progressing.’ That’s…very cool.

The album is broken into four sections containing three songs each with the final song, Satellite, representing the endless repetition. I would never have recognized this all on my own…thank goodness for the internet and for interviews. All I know is that the album is gorgeous and there are a number of songs to check out and roll around in as you get attached to another talented artist.

Color, Jung Jin Woo


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