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Posted by Stephanie on November 20, 2018


As I’m currently enjoying the episode of Its Dangerous Beyond the Blankets with the three Minseoks who we’ve dubbed Actor, Idol, and Baby Minseok, the news that Actor Minseok, otherwise known as Kim Minseok, starred in a new drama special? Well, it caught a lover of various Minseoks eye.

Add to the fact that it’s a drama about curling? Coed curling? This just sounds like drama gold! You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Though that may be my current fascination of Minseoks talking.

I don’t know much about curling past the information that our friends, The McFeeley’s, came to love it during the Olympics. I don’t know much about Actor Minseok past his stint on Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets and the knowledge that he was once in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. (Remember that show? Because I do.)

The idea of him playing a curmudgeon curling star who once was on the Olympic team but was forced to join a newly formed coed team after his military service just makes me giggle inside. I wonder, is the what he was preparing for when he was working out on that Blankets trip? He said he needed to get back into shape for a part. Was this that part? Please say yes, please say yes.

I just love it when worlds collide! The downside, this is only a one episode drama special, so the most we’re going to get is a single hour of story. Upside? A mouthful of drama is consumable by anyone, especially me where my daily commute is over an hour. If I start thinking of that in drama special terms? It would fly by! Then I’m also comforted by the fact that, though the show sounds lovely, I’m not sure if there is a whole 16 hours of plot there. Unless he can’t get back onto the team for some other makjang purpose and then him and his ragtag team of curlers have to band together to beat out their rivals (his former team) in an epic smackdown. It would be even better if the heroine had some secret reason why she was on their team?

But alas this is not the case (unless it is and they crammed it all into a single hour), so we only get one episode. Which aired on 11/16. So what are we doing hanging around here for? Let’s go find this drama! ….and if you find it before me you’d better share that s*#t. Don’t keep Actor Minseok and me apart.

Please and thank you.

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  • Reply SpiceAngel November 20, 2018 at 8:18 am

    He is very cute… and cute curmudgeons are irresistible. It is hard to believe he is 28. He will soon be getting into shape by going into the Army!

    I will have to check out this Blanket program everyone is talking about. 😉

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